Social Networking

Enable Social Networking if you'd like to use Eventsential's Directory, Timeline, and Messaging features. If you decide to enable Social Networking Functionality, go to the grey primary navigation bar and click on the blue [Edit Event] button > Social Networking.      

Users must be logged in and approved to participate in the social networking features.  You have two choices for approving users:

  1. Users must be known to the event, or approved by an admin - If your event is access restricted, then all users who are able to access your event will be approved automatically.  If your event is not access restricted, then only those users whose email address matches a record in the attendee roster will be approved automatically.  All others must be approved manually by an administrator.  The admin is able to manage the approval process in the Social Management section.
  2. Approve all users automatically - With this option, all authenticated users will be automatically approved.  Administrators may still block users from using social features if they have been reported abusing the system.  Refer to the Denial section under Social Management. 

If you choose to upload an Attendee Roster, then Social Networking must be enabled.  Email addresses should always be included in your roster upload, but you have a choice as to whether or not to display those email addresses in the directory.  Email addresses are hidden by default.  Individual users may still opt to display the email address from their social profile.

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