Enable Twitter

Enabling Twitter is easy! Follow the steps outlined below to setup and manage Twitter. 

  1. Click or tap Edit Your Event > Twitter:
  2. Check the box to Enable Twitter Integration.
  3. Type your hashtag in the Event Hashtag field. (Examples: #ResultsDirect or #PaloozaVI) 
  4. Select whether to display a Native User Timeline or a Native Search Results Timeline.
    1. If Native User Timeline, enter the Twitter Handle in the Username field. We recommend leaving both settings checked.
    2. If Native Search Results Timeline, enter the search to execute, usually a hashtag, in the Search Query Box.
  5. Great, your Twitter settings are selected. Next, remember to click or tap the green Save button. 
  6. Lastly, you will need to activate the content. To do so, click or tap on the blue Manage Menu button and move Twitter from the Additional Available Items column to the Event Menu Structure column. Remember to click or tap the green Save button.

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