Embedded Timeline

Embedded Timeline Widgets give you the ability to embed a collection of Tweets (known as a timeline) in your app. There are four types of Embedded Timelines Widgets available:

  1. User Timeline: Display public Tweets from any user on Twitter
  2. Favorites: Show all Tweets a specific user has marked as favorites
  3. List: Show Tweets from public lists that you own and/or subscribe to
  4. Search: Display customized search results in real time (perfect for live events, conferences, brands, etc.)

PRO TIP: Embedded Timeline Widgets will only show content from users that have public Tweets. 

To add an Embedded Timeline Widget:

  1. Sign in to Twitter.
  2. Go to your Twitter Settings and select Widgets.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Choose the type of Embedded Timeline you’d like and configure it:
    • For User Timeline, enter the username of the user whose Tweets you want to display.
    • For Favorites, enter the username of the user whose favorites you want to display.
    • For List, select a public list that you own and/or subscribe to in the drop-down menu.
    • For Search, enter your search query (for advanced searches, use Twitter’s search operators).
    • Make sure to select Safe mode if you want to exclude sensitive content, profanity, etc.
  5. You can embed the widget into your event website by specifying the height, theme (light or dark), and link color to match your website. You can also configure your embedded timeline to auto-expand Tweets containing media.
  6. Click Create Widget and then copy the Widget ID in to the Embedded Timeline Widget ID field. 

For example:

By using Twitter Embedded Timelines, you agree to the Developer Rules of the Road.

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