How to Add a New Session - Video

Adding sessions to your event is easy!

From the main event details page, select the Sessions tab, and then click on the "add new session" button.

Give your session a name.

The external key is used to link items in Eventsential with an outside system, such as your AMS.  Because we're creating a session manually, we can leave that blank.

Enter the session date, its start time, and a duration.

Optionally, you may provide a location, such as a room number, and a Twitter hashtag, so attendees can easily rave about your session on social media.

Eventsential provides two optional custom fields.  For our event, we've called these "credits", and "sponsored by".  You can use these in whatever way makes sense for your event.

If you've set up tags, you can tag your session here.  Tags provide a convenient way for attendees to find sessions they want.

Finally, provide an optional description for your session.  When you're done, click on the Create button to save your changes.

And that's it!

To view your session in the back office, click on "All sessions", and search for the one you just created.  From here, you can associate speakers with your session, and add links to resources, such as session handouts.

Now let's see what this looks like in the app.  Notice the location, Twitter hashtag, custom fields, session tags, and of course, the description.

So this is a quick and easy way to add individual sessions to your event.  In another video, we'll show you how to bulk-upload sessions using our convenient import utilities.

Thanks for watching!

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