Exhibitor Status Screen

To add a new exhibitor click on the [add new exhibitor ] button.

To upload all of your exhibitors from an external database or to download all of your data to edit in a third party software like excel, numbers or SQL click on the [upload/download data] button.

Exhibitors have two custom fields that you can customize.  To take advantage of these fields simply click on the [manage custom fields] button.

The exhibitor status screen lets you know what the status of the data is at.  

With a quick glimpse you can see the following:

  • How many exhibitors are missing booth numbers
  • How many exhibitors are missing descriptions
  • All of the exhibitors that are missing company websites
  • The total number of exhibitors that are missing logos

by clicking on the the titles you are taken to a list showing you all of the exhibitors that fit into that category.  This way you can easily find and fix any exhibitors with missing data.

To view all of your exhibitors click on the [all speakers] link.

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