Personalized Meetings and Appointments

Personalized Meetings enables you to add appointments and meetings to selected attendees' schedules in advance of your events. You can now pre-load:

  • Board & committee meetings at your annual conference
  • Paid training, pre-conference sessions & special events
  • Private appointments with delegates during fly-in events
These personalized meetings will automatically show up on qualified attendees' schedules when they log into the app!
To get started, you will need the email addresses of the users who will be assigned these private appointments, as well as the appointment content itself. The Appointment fields available are:
  • External Key (your own reference key for this appointment)
  • Name of the appointment
  • Description
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Location

Then, for each of the appointments you create, you can assign a list of email addresses. Any user that creates or logs in with an account that has a matching email address will then see the appointments you create assigned to them! 

Appointments created this way can only be edited by you in the backoffice, and you can make adjustments on the fly with the appointment upload tool. These changes will update in the app for all those users, just the same way you can update anything else in the event.

Note: Appointments will only show up for users that are using version 3.3 or higher of the Eventsential platform

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