How to Add a New Menu Item - Video

In Eventsential, you can add custom content to your event to create a more tailored and robust experience for your attendees.

To add a new menu item, first set up your custom content by going to the Additional Menu Items section in the Eventsential back office.  Begin by clicking on the “add new item” button.

Enter the name of your menu item.

Next, select the type of custom content you wish to provide.  This can be a link to a file or URL, it can be text that you provide, or you can pull in syndicated content from an RSS or Atom feed.  For this example, we will enter in a URL.

Now that you’ve created your custom content, the next step is to add it to the menu.  From the main event details page, click on the “Manage Menu” button in the top navigation bar.

Newly created content can be found in the section titled “Additional Available Items (Currently Hidden)”.  To add your item to the menu, simply drag it over to the appropriate menu group on the left.

Once you have the menu item in place, click the Edit button to select an appropriate icon.

When you’re done, save your changes.

In the app, go to the Event Details page to refresh the data from the server by tapping on the refresh icon.  Then you will see your new menu item.

Perfect!  Take advantage of this great feature to provide relevant and informative content for the best experience for your attendees!

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