How to Upload the Attendee Roster - Video

In this video we'll show you how to use the import utility to upload an attendee roster for your event.

From the main event details screen, click on the Utilities button in the top navigation, and then select Roster from the tabs on the left.

We'll start by downloading an existing spreadsheet to use as a template.

There are two links for file downloads. Use the first if you are going to use a spreadsheet program to manipulate your data.

Or, if you are going to use a script or other automated means to manage your data, use the second link.

For our example, we'll use the first link.

The ID column is the registrant's ID in our system. If you are uploading a list of registrants for the first time, you may leave this column blank.

The spreadsheet has columns for the attendee's first and last name, company, title, website URL, and email address.

The registrant's email address is required, and it must be unique. In the absence of an external key, the email address functions as a unique identifier for the registrant. The email address is also used to associate the registrant's record with a user's Eventsential account and profile.

By default, the email address is not displayed in the directory, but this can be changed in the event settings.

After that, we have fields for the registrant's phone number, photo URL, and two custom fields.

The External Key field should contain the registrants unique identifier in your source system.

The next column determines whether or not this registrant will appear in the directory, giving your users the choice to opt out of sharing their information. This column should contain a boolean value.

If you have any event roles defined, the remaining columns will allow you to indicate which registrants belong to each role. These columns also contain boolean values.

Now you're ready to export your data from your source system. You may be able to export your data directly to a .CSV file, or if not, you can paste the data into the template that you downloaded, which is what I'll do now.

Save your spreadsheet as a .CSV file.

Then, go back to the Utilities page, and select your file in the Upload Data section at the bottom of the page.

Then, click on the Upload File button.

Existing registrant records will be updated, and new registrants will be created.

Unlike sessions and other event items, attendees not included in your upload file will be deleted. So, the list you provide should be the complete roster.

Be sure to check out these helpful links on the Utilities page for more details on the upload process.

Thanks for watching!

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