How to Manage Tags - Video

Eventsential uses tags and tag groups as a convenient way to organize and feature your event sessions and exhibitors.

In the app, tags are visible on the session or exhibitor detail page.

In addition, you can choose one tag group to be featured, and these tags will stand out on both the detail page and on the session or exhibitor list.

Users will also be able to filter the list by the tags you have created.

To manage tags, locate your event in the Eventsential back office.  Select either exhibitors or sessions, and click on the Manage Tags button.

Tags are organized by groups.  To create a new tag group, click on the Add Group button in the top navigation.

Enter the name of the group.  If you want the tags from this group to be displayed on the session or exhibitor list, selected "Featured" under the Group Role.  Only one group may be designated as featured.

Click the Create button to save your changes.

To add tags, click on the Add Tags button in the top navigation.

In the tag names box, enter one tag per line.

Then, click on the Create button.

Tags can also be created through the import utility, as long as the tag group already exists.  Watch our videos on How to Upload Sessions or How to Upload Exhibitors for details.

From the Tag Groups page, you can rearrange the order of your groups by clicking on the handle on the left and dragging them into the the desired order.

To manually tag a session or exhibitor, go to the detail page for that item, and click on the Edit button in the top navigation.

Then, click in the Tags field.  This will give you a list of available tags.

Select the tag you want, and repeat this for as many tags as are appropriate.

To remove a tag from the session or exhibitor, click on the X next to the tag.

When you're done, click on the Save button in the top navigation.

You can see the selected tags on the detail page in the back office, and you'll also be able to see these tags in the app when the event details have refreshed.

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