How to Add Surveys, Evaluations & Polls - Video

Surveys and polls are a great way to engage your attendees and to solicit valuable feedback.  While Eventsential does not have its own survey engine, you can easily include links to an external system, such as Survey Monkey or Poll Daddy.

The first thing to consider is how you would like your survey to be used.  Is this a survey attendees will fill out for each session?  Is it an evaluation for individual speakers?  Do you have a general survey for your whole event?  Or perhaps you would like to publish short polls during the course of your event?

Once you have the link from your external survey, you can associate it with your event in a number of ways.

Let's take the example of a session evaluation. This would be treated as a session resource.

Go to the session detail page, and click on the "Add" link next to Resources.  Give your link a title, such as "Session Evaluation".  Click on the Enter URL button, and paste in your survey link.  Then, click on the create button.

You can also upload a batch of resources through the import utility.  Check out our video on How to Upload Resources.

Once you've created your link, it will show up in the Resources section of your session details.  Speakers and Exhibitors also support resource links, and these are created in the same way.

If you have an evaluation for your entire event, you can add this to the Event Details page.  To do so, go to the Additional Menu Items link on the main event detail page.  Click on the "Add New Item" button.  Enter the name of your link.  Make sure the content type is set to "Linked content"; this is the default.  Click on the "Enter URL" button, and paste in your URL.  Then, click on the Create button to save your changes.

Now we need to add that item to the Event Details.  To do so, click on the Manage Menu button in the top navigation.  Drag your survey item to the "Display on Event Detail Screen" section.  Save your changes.

Now, in your app, your link will appear on the Event Details screen.

If you prefer this to show up as a main menu item instead of on the Event Details screen, just go back to the Manage Menu section, and drag your survey item into the appropriate menu group.  Click on the edit button to select an icon for your menu item.  When you're done, save your changes.

Now you can see the survey item in the main menu.

Suppose you have a quick, general poll you'd like to publish during your event.  You can send this out as a notification.

From the main event details page, click on Notifications, and then, click on the "Add New Notification" button.  Give your notification a title, and choose when you would like it to be sent.  Notifications may be scheduled up to 7 days in advance.  Use the WYSIWYG editor to create your link.  When you are done, click on the Create button.

This will then show up in the notifications section in your app.

Some external systems will allow you to pass in dynamic data to pre-populate questions on your survey.  Eventsential has a Gateway feature which will enable you to automatically send dynamic information to your external link. This may include the Event key, the Event Item key for sessions, speakers, or exhibitors, and the user's name and email address.  For more information on setting up Gateways for your event, please contact your Results Direct Sales Representative.

Thank you!

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