How to Add Directions to Your Event - Video

Adding a link to provide directions to your event is a wonderfully helpful feature for your attendees!

An easy way to get your link is to paste the address into Google Maps, and then click on the Share icon.  You can copy the link as it is, or if you like, select the Short URL option, and copy the shorter link.

Now that we have our link, let's add it to our event.  To do so, go to the Additional Menu Items section on the main event details page.  From here, click on the Add New Item button.

Give your menu item a name.

Now, you have two choices here. If you just want to open the maps app directly from the menu item, choose the "Linked content" option.  Then, click on the Enter URL button, and paste in your link.

If you would like to provide some text directions in addition to your link, select the "Informational Content" option.  Add your text to the WYSIWYG editor.  Then, highlight the link text, and click on the chain link in the WYSIWYG menu, and paste in your link.

Click Create to save your changes.

Next, we want to add that item to our menu.  Click on the Manage Menu button in the main navigation.

Drag your directions menu item to the Event Menu Structure, and place it in the desired menu group.  Click on the Edit button to select an icon for your menu item.  Then, click on Save to save your changes.

Let's see how that looks in the app!

Here's your menu item, and when you tap on the link, it opens up Google Maps.  From here, your attendees can use the directions feature in the maps application to navigate to your event, so that everyone can get there safely and have a wonderful time!

Thanks for watching.

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