How to Create and Manage Promoted Posts - Video

Eventsential's dashboard is a great way to get a quick overview of the important highlights of your event!

One of the useful features of this page is the ability to create promoted posts, which appear at the top of the dashboard.  This enables you to share important content that will be readily visible to your attendees.

Let's get started!

From the main event details page, select "Dashboard Promoted Posts", and click on the Add New Post button.

Give your post a title.  This will be displayed in the header section.

Next, provide either a blurb, or a banner image.  Images must be 300 by 50 pixels.

Optionally, you may provide content for your post, either as a URL, or through the WYSIWYG editor.  This will be displayed when the user taps on the post.  If neither is provided, then the post will not be tappable.

Click Create to save your changes.

You may create as many posts as you wish, and you can rearrange their order.  Only the first active post will be displayed in the app.

Now you can see your promoted post in the app, and it looks great!

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