How to Enable Twitter Integration - Video

Social media is a great way to promote engagement with your events. Eventsential supports this by providing seamless integration with Twitter timelines.

In this tutorial, we'd like to show you how to set that up.

From the main event details page, click on the Edit Event button in the top navigation.

Then, select Twitter from the tabs on the left.

Check the box that says "Enable Twitter Integration".

Select a hashtag for your event. When attendees tweet about your event from within the app, their tweets will automatically include the hashtag you provide here.

Next, select what kind of timeline you want to appear in your app.

A native user timeline will include all of the tweets for a specific user, plus replies and retweets if you have those options enabled. Just provide the username for the appropriate Twitter account. You don't have to include the "@" sign.

Or, you can include a search timeline, which will display the results of a search. In the space provided, enter your search term, which is typically a hashtag. You can include the most popular search results, the most recent, or a mix of both.

For our example, we'll use a native user timeline.

When you're done, click save.

If you don't already have Twitter in your menu, click on the Manage Menu button in the top navigation.

Locate the Twitter menu item in the Additional Available Items section, and drag it onto your Event Menu Structure. Drag the menu item to the desired position. You can also edit the menu item to customize the name.

When you're finished, click Save.

Now your Twitter timeline will show up in your event. Also, when attendees share content from your event on Twtitter, that content will be tagged with the hashtag you provided.

We hope you've found this very helpful. Thanks for watching!

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