How to Create an Event - Video

It's easy to create new events in Eventsential, and in this video we'd like to show you how!

First of all, log into the Eventsential back office.

On the main menu, the first tab on the left is for your events.  Under this tab, click on the "Add New Event" button.

You'll see several tabs here on the left for configuring various options.  In this video, we'll just focus on providing your basic event info, which is the first tab at the top.

Let's start by entering the name of your event.  It's recommended that you keep this relatively short, so that it will display nicely on mobile devices.

The External Key field is used if your event is going to be integrated with your AMS or another external system.  If so, enter your event's ID, or unique identifier, from that external system, into the External Key field.  If you won't be using a data connector, you can leave this field blank.

Next, enter the start and end dates of your event.

After that, enter the time zone of the location of your event.  This is very important!  The correct time zone ensures that event announcements and session times are all displayed correctly.  You want to make sure that you set the correct time zone for your event before you enter any session data.

Next, you have the option to enter the name of the venue where your event will be held, as well as the city and state.

The Keywords field will help attendees locate your event in a search.  Keywords are separated by spaces.

Next, enter a description for your event.  This description will appear on the event selection screen, as well as on the event details page.

Finally, provide the logo for your event.  You can do this by entering in a URL, or by uploading an image file.  The image format should be PNG or JPEG.  This logo will appear on the event list, the event selection, and the event details pages.

To enter a URL, click on the Enter URL button, and type or paste in the address for the image.

Then click Save.

To upload an image, click on the Upload File button, and select the image from your local file system.  Then click Upload File.

Okay!  So now that you have the basic event information entered, you can scroll back up and click on the "Create" button to save your changes.

You could, at this point, continue on with the other tabs at the left, but we're going to save this for now, and come back in a another video to go over the additional tabs.

I hope this was helpful!  Thanks for watching, and we hope to have you back for another video!

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