How to Style Your Event - Video

Once you have your basic event info entered, the next step is to style your event by setting your theme color. You can also add an optional accent image.

If you're at the main menu, click on the name of your event to go to the main event details page.

Click the "Edit Event" button to edit your event details.

Then, click on the second tab on the left that says "Styling".

Here is where you get to choose your accent color.

You want this to be a darker color for good contrast, since it will be used on the navigation bar, which has white text, and for title text, which has a white background.

Enter the HTML color code. If you don't know the color code, many drawing programs will display the HTML color code in their color selection window. This may be entered with or without the leading pound sign.

The preview swatch will display the color you've selected.

Next, you have the option to provide a theme image. This will be displayed on the event details page on the iPad, and on the Eventsential website.

Your theme image should be 600 pixels square, with a file size of less than 300 kilobytes.

You have the option to enter a URL, or to upload a file.

If you're entering a URL, just click on the Enter URL button, and type or paste in the URL to your image, and then click Save.

If you're uploading a file, click on the Upload File button, and select the file from your local file system. Then click "Upload File".

When you're done, click save, and you're all set! The accent color you've chosen is displayed here beneath your event logo.

We hope you'll join us in another video as we walk through additional configuration options for your event.

Thanks for watching!

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