Setting up Social Networking - Video

Eventsential provides great social networking tools that promote engagement with your event and help attendees connect with one another.

  • Attendees can create their own customized social profile, including a bio and links to other social media.
  • The Directory makes it easy to locate and even favorite other attendees, so you can quickly find them again later.
  • Eventsential features direct attendee-to-attendee private messaging.
  • And the Activity timeline allows users to post comments and photos, and is a great way for people to share all the exciting things that are happening at your event!

Getting your event set up for social networking couldn't be easier!

In the back office, from the main event details page, click on the "Edit Event" button, and select the Social Networking tab on the left.

Social networking is enabled by default for all new events. If for any reason you'd like to disable social networking, you can do that here.

Users do need to have an Eventsential account and be logged in in order to use the social networking features.

There are two options for approving users. With the first option, users must be known to the event or approved by an admin.

In this case, known users would be approved automatically. If you've set up access restrictions on your event, then anyone who is able to download the event would be considered a known user.

If your event does not have restricted access, then known users would be anyone whose email address matches a record from the attendee roster that you've uploaded.

Those whose email address does not match a record from the attendee roster would need to be approved manually by an administrator before they could use the social networking features.

Now, if you don't have a roster, or you want to worry about having an admin approve users, you can choose the second option, which approves all authenticated users automatically.

The Directory in Eventsential displays both the attendee roster, if you've uploaded one, as well as users' social profiles.

When you upload the attendee roster, you want to make sure that you include the attendee's email address. This serves both as a unique key for the attendee, and it's also used to match the roster entry with a user's social profile, so that the directory will actually combine both the roster entry and the social profile into one listing.

Now, even though it's important to include the email address with the roster upload, you don't have to display the email address in the directory. You have the option here to choose whether or not email addresses should be displayed. They are hidden by default.Keep in mind that this just applies to the email address in the roster. Users can still opt to display their email address in the directory by modifying their profile settings.

Now when you're done, save your changes, and that's the basic set up!

We have another video on Managing Social Networking, which will cover approving users and timeline moderation, and we also have a video on How to Upload the Attendee Roster. So please check those out, have a great event, and thanks for joining us!

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