Controlling Content Access - Video

Did you know that Eventsential allows you to selectively deliver content to specific groups of people?  Suppose, for example, you want to make a set of booth instructions available just to exhibitors, or perhaps you'd like to give your board members access to the board meeting agenda.  In Eventsential, you can do that using roles and menu access restrictions.

In this video, we'll show you how to set that up.

From the main event details page, scroll down and click on the tab that says "Event Roles".  Define your target audience by clicking on the "Add New Role" button.

Give your role a name.  If you are integrating with an external system, you can provide an external key; otherwise, just leave that field blank.  When you're done, click "Create".  Do that for as many roles as you'd like to create.

Roles are populated through the roster upload utility.  Once you have your roles defined, download your roster, and you will see a new column for each role you've created.  When you populate your attendee roster, just supply a true or false value for that column for each attendee, and upload the new spreadsheet.
Check out our video on Uploading the Attendee Roster if you'd like more details.

Now, if you haven't already done so, create your content in the Additional Menu Items section, and add it to the menu.  For details on how to do that, check out our video on How to Add a New Menu Item.

So, go into the Manage Menu section, locate your menu item, and click on the Edit button.  Click in the Restrict Access box, and select your role from the list.

Next, choose how the app should treat the menu item for users that do not have access.  You may either hide the menu item entirely, or you can simply display the item as locked.  Users who click on a locked item will see a custom message that you supply.  Click Okay, and save your changes.

If you have any locked menu items, set the locked menu item message by clicking on the Edit Event button, and selecting the Access Restrictions tab.  Enter your text in the Restricted Content box.  Click save to save your changes.

Now, authenticated users who are members of the role you created will be able to access your custom content.

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