Navigation Menu Icons

Eventsential and Engagefully use a number of icons for menu items.  

System Menu Items

System menu items are not customizable. These are menu items visible when you first create an event. 

An example of a few system menu items is pictured below. 

Additional Menu Items and Custom Content Items

Additional Menu items and Custom Content items do allow for customizing the menu icons. 

We have supplied a large number of meticulously designed icons specifically optimized for iOS/Android/Web to choose from to allow one to customize the navigation bar and “More Section".

After creating an Addition Menu item or Custom Content item, click the Manage Menu button.  

The Additional Available Items section will contain the new menu items created when using the Additional Menu or Custom Content features. 

Before you can customize the icon, you will need to move the menu to the Event Menu Structure.  This is done by clicking the menu item in the Additional Available Items section and dragging it into the Event Menu Structure section. 

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