What event information can be uploaded?


What event information can be uploaded?


Eventsential allows the upload of .csv files containing

  • Sessions- session titles, HTML descriptions, dates, times, rooms, hastags, 2 custom attributes and tags.
  • Exhibitors- name, description, booth #, URL, URL for logo, email, address, phone, social profiles, 2 custom attributes and tags.
  • Speakers- name, bio,  company,  title,  URL,  email,  phone, Twitter,  URL for Photo, and 2 custom attributes
  • Resources-  upload URLs to documents that can be linked to sessions.
  • Attendees- a directory of attendee that can include a URL to an image and 2 custom fields.
  • Appointments-  enables you to add appointments and meetings to selected attendees' schedules in advance of your events. You can now pre-load: Board & committee meetings at your annual conference, Paid training, pre-conference sessions & special events, Private appointments with delegates during fly-in events.

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