​App Marketing Resource - Sample Copy for Exhibitors/Sponsors

[Insert Event Name] Bonus: Increased Visibility in the [Insert App Name] App
[Insert Event Name] Exhibitor/Sponsor: Connect With Attendees Through the [Insert App Name] App  
Know-Before-You-Go: Plan Your [Insert Event Name] Experience With the [Insert App Name] App  

Great news for [Insert Event Name] exhibitors/sponsors! With the new [Insert App Name] mobile app, you get even more visibility for your company.
Attendees can use the [Insert App Name] app to:
  • Identify exhibitors/sponsors they’d like to visit
  • Access exhibitor/sponsor contact information and materials 
  • Make notes about exhibitors/sponsors  
  • Message exhibitors/sponsors
Exhibitors/Sponsors can use the app to:
  • Highlight your products and services
  • Search for attendees 
  • Message customers and prospects
Download the [Insert App Name] app today to start connecting with attendees. [Insert App Link].


Download the [Insert App Name] app today to make the most of [Insert Event Name].
With the [Insert App Name] app, you can plan your schedule and connect with [Insert Event Name] attendees: 
  1. View the schedule, then build your personal itinerary
  2. Browse the Directory and start messaging your colleagues
  3. Network with attendees using the [Insert Hashtag] hashtag
  4. Plan your travel to the conference 
Simply download the [Insert App Name] app to get started. [Insert App Link]

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