How to Create Sub-Sessions - Video

Welcome!  Results Direct is pleased to offer the availability of sub-sessions for your events!

Suppose you have a session that contains a number of shorter, self-contained sections, which you’d like your attendees to be able to add to their schedule individually.  Now with sub-sessions, you can do just that!

Here is an example of a technical session that involves the presentation of a number of papers.

When viewing the parent session, all of the child sessions are displayed beneath, in the order in which they occur.  Your attendees can tap on a child session, and get the details for that item.

You’ll note that each child session can have its own description, speakers, resources, and other links.

The child session detail page will provide a link back to the parent session, so you can easily navigate between the two, whichever one you start with.

Furthermore, attendees can select individual sub-sessions and add these to their schedule.  They can also add or remove all sub-sessions at once.

On the main schedule list, parent sessions will list the number of sub-sessions they contain.  Child sessions are hidden by default, but they will be displayed if the attendee is searching or filtering the list, or if the attendee is viewing the list of items they have selected.

Alright, so let’s get started!  I’ll show you how to create these in the back office; it’s super easy!

Suppose you’ve created a parent session in the back office.  If you’re new to that and would like more detail, we have another video on how to create sessions in general, so be sure to watch that.

You’ll notice there is an Associated Sessions section beneath the session details.  Just click on the add sub-sessions button, and you can select a child session you’ve already created, or you can enter a new one right on the spot!

Make sure the start time and duration of your sub-session fits within the start and end time of your parent session.

There you go!  That was easy, right?

If you need to remove a child session, just tap on the delete button.  The child session is still in the system; only the relationship was deleted.  So you can re-attach the session if needed, or go to the child session itself if you want to delete it entirely.

You can also add or attach a parent session when viewing the child; just tap on the Add Parent Session Button.

If you’re uploading your sessions from a spreadsheet, all you have to do is include the Parent Session Key with your sub-session info.  The Parent Session Key is your source system’s identifier for the parent session.  The External Key field on that row will be your identifier for the child session, and the Parent Session Key will correspond to the External key of the parent session.  If you’d like more details on that, we have another video specifically for uploading session info.

Oh, and one more thing! If the term “sub-sessions” doesn’t fit your event, you can change it!  Simply edit your event, click on the Terminology Modifications tab, and give your sub-sessions a new name.  Now that will appear in the app everywhere it would have said sub-sessions.

We hope you love this feature!  And we think your attendees will love it, too.  Thanks for watching!

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