How to Set Up and Style Your Organization - Video


For those just getting started with Engagefully, I'd like to to run through the basics of setting up your organization info.

When you first log into the back office, this takes you to your organization detail page. In the top navigation bar, click on the Edit Organization button.

This is where you can enter basic details and image assets for your organization, starting with the logo.

Your organization logo should fit within a 400px x 160px space, with a file size no larger than 100KB.

You may either enter a URL pointing to your logo, or upload the file directly.

The logo will appear on the organization and event selection screens within the app, and also on the top of your menu.

Next is the icon. The icon will be rounded, and appears on the screen that allows users to switch between organizations. This image should be 256px by 256px, with a file size no larger than 100KB.

Again, you may either enter a URL pointing to your icon, or upload the file directly.

Next, enter your branding color as an HTML color code. Make sure this color is dark enough to contrast well with white text.

To help users find your organization, you may enter a set of keywords used for searching. Keywords are separated by spaces.

The App Icon is used to customize the branding on your iOS app, and to create custom widgets on Android devices. This image should be 1024 by 1024 pixels, in a PNG or TIFF file. It should have 90-degree corners and no drop-shadow or transparency.

Finally, you may provide a description of your app, which will display on the custom landing page.

When you are done, click Save.

You can view these details by clicking on the organization info tab.

Here you can see the Responsive Web Site and Branded App Experience links.

When you're done entering your branding info, click on the Done button next to the Branded App Experience link. This will notify the support team, who will review your information and publish your branding.

The Responsive Web Site takes you to the public web site corresponding to the app content.

The Branded App Experience link takes you to the launching page for your app, which will help your users download and configure the app for their device. This is where your landing page description is displayed.

Alright, so that is the basic organization set up.

At this point, go ahead and enable 360 content. This will let you get started on styling your app and creating your menu items, which we'll cover in another video.

Until then, thanks for watching!

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