How to Manage the Year-Round Content Menu - Video

In this video, I'd like to show you how to manage the menu for your year-round content.

If you haven't already done so, go ahead and enable 360 Engagement by clicking on the button in the top navigation.

Scroll to the bottom of the information page, and click on the button to confirm.

After you've done so, you'll see buttons in the top navigation allowing you to set up your menu and to preview your content.

Start by clicking on the Manage Menu button.

On the left of your screen, you'll see a section entitled Menu Structure. These are the items that will be displayed in your menu. On the right are menu items that are not currently in use.

To create a new menu item, click on the "create new item" button.

Give your menu item a name.

Then, select an icon.

There are three types of content that may appear in your menu.

The first is linked content, where you can enter a URL to a web page or other online resource, or you can upload a file, like a PDF document, for example.

You can also enter informational content, which you can type or paste right into the editor. Here you can upload images and embed links, and format your content however you like.

The third option is syndicated content, for which you would provide a URL to an RSS or Atom feed.

When you're done, click Create.

Your new menu item will be displayed in the Additional Available Items section on the right. To add this to your menu, just drag it over to the Menu Structure section on the left, and drag it into position on your menu.

To remove any menu items you don't want to be displayed, just drag them to the section on the right.

Menu items are organized into groups. To create a new group, just click on the "add new menu group" button. Give your menu group a title if you wish, and then you can just drag menu items into the group as desired. You can create as many menu groups as you like.

Note that the first two items in your menu will be displayed on the menu bar.

Lastly, you can designate which menu item you would like to be the entry point for users opening up your organization for the first time.

For standard menu items, click on the edit button, and check the "Content entry point" option.

For custom items, click on the "manage" button, and then click on the "Make Entry Point" button at the top.

Your entry point will be marked with a "1".

When you're done, click "Save".

That's all there is to it! To preview your content, just click on the preview button, and enter the preview code when searching for an organization. For more details on that, please see our video on previewing your content.

Thanks for watching!

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