How to Create and Schedule Year-Round Notifications - Video

Welcome! In this video I'd like to show you how to create notifications.

Starting from the organization details page in the back office, click on the Notifications tab.

This will show you a summary of upcoming and recently posted notifications.  To create a new notification, click on the "Add New Notification" button.

First, give your notification a title.

Next, select the priority.  Normal notifications are displayed in the app with a dot, while urgent notifications are shown with an exclamation point.

Decide when you want your notification to be posted.  Notifications may be posted immediately, or scheduled up to 7 days in advance.  When scheduling notifications for a future date, be sure to specify the time zone.

If you want to explicitly send an alert to users' devices when the notification is posted, select the apps which should receive the push notifications.  If you don't send push notifications, your notification will simply appear in the app when it's posted, without triggering an alert.

Next, enter your content using the editor provided.  Notifications support HTML, including images and links.

When you're done, click Create.  Posted notifications will be listed in the Posted section, and will be visible in the app.  Scheduled notifications will be listed in the Upcoming section, and will be visible in the app on their scheduled date and time.

So that's how to create and schedule notifications.  We hope you found this video very helpful.

Thanks for joining us!

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