How to Create & Manage Year-Round Ads - Video

Adding advertising to your 360 content is easy!  From the main organization details page, select Ads, and then click on the button to enable ads.

Select the "Enable Advertising" option, and then click "Save".

Next, click on the "Add new Ad" button.

Give your ad a title.

If you like, provide an optional caption; this is used with accessibility labels.

Your image needs to be 300 by 50 pixels, in PNG or JPEG format.  You may either enter a URL, or upload the image file directly.

Lastly, supply the URL to which the user will be directed when he or she clicks on the ad.

When you're done, click Create to save your changes.

You may create as many ads as you like.

Ads will show up at the bottom of the 360 menu.

Each time the menu is viewed, a random ad will be displayed.  There is, of course, a chance that the same ad may be selected multiple times in a row.

When the user click on the ad, this will take them to the URL you specified.

It's that simple!

Once again, thank you for joining us!

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