Follow-Up Emails - Video

Invitation emails are a great tool to help ensure that your attendees have created their account and downloaded the mobile app prior to the start of your event.

Follow-up emails provide a convenient way for you to continue targeted communication with your registrants.

Before you can send follow-up emails, you will need to configure and send your initial Invitation Email. If you haven't done so already, check out our video on Invitation and Welcome Emails.

Once your invitation is active, you will see a Follow-Up Emails section beneath the Invitation Email.

To create a new follow-up email, click on the "add new email" button.

Enter a subject for your email.

Next, provide the formatted text for the email content.

Below this is a plain text version of the content, for users whose email client does not support HTML. You can copy the text from the formatted content above, paste it into this field, and then adjust the text if needed.

Follow-up emails may contain optional links directing users to log in to their account, and/or download the mobile app.

The account login link is the same link that appears in the invitation email. The app download link is the same link that appears in the welcome email. If needed, you can find more details on these links in the Invitation and Welcome Emails video.

The follow-up email will contain the same footer that was configured for your invitation email.

Next, define the criteria that will be used to determine who should receive the follow-up email.

The follow-up email may be sent to all registrants, to only those who have not yet selected this event, or to only those who have already selected the event.

You may further limit the set of registrants by event role. To select event roles, click on the roles field, and choose a role from the list. Repeat this for each role you wish to add. To remove a role from the list, click on the X next to the role name.

When you're done, click create.

You will now have an opportunity to send yourself a test email, to make sure that everything looks the way you want.

Simply click on the "Send Test Email" button, enter your name and email address, and click send.

Please note that the account login button in the test email will not work. It will only work when the email is sent to actual registrants.

If you need to make any changes, just click on the "edit" button on the email details page.

When you're ready to send the email, click on the "Send to Registrants" button in the top navigation.

This will show you a count of how many people will receive the email, and will give you a chance to confirm or cancel.

After you send the email, you will see a log of the date and time that the email was sent, along with the number of recipients.

If you wish to make sure that a specific person has received the follow-up email, or if you wish to send or re-send the email to one specific individual, you can do that from the registrant detail page. This is found under the Participants tab.

Under the Registrants section, click on the link to view registrants, and locate the individual.

On the registrant detail page, you can see a list of follow-up emails, together with a log showing when the person received the email. Beneath this is a button to send or re-send the email. Sending the follow-up email to a specific individual overrides the recipient criteria defined by the email configuration.

We hope you'll find this tool to be very helpful and convenient, ensuring that all your attendees have the best experience possible.

Thanks for watching!

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