Social Q&A: Speaker Instructions

Note: The following content can be used to create a menu item, notification, or email to educate speakers on how to use the Q&A features of the app. This features requires the purchase of the Social Q&A add-on.

Social Q&A: Overview

Social Q&A (or Interactive Q&A) is a tool that enables attendees or delegates to ask questions of the presenter anonymously during the session and up-vote questions asked by other participants. This results in higher levels of interaction, better prioritization of topics to address, and increased feedback to speakers. Social Q&A can also be used to support a wide range of educational formats including games, digital fishbowls and brainstorming sessions. 

How Social Q&A Works for Delegates

Asking and up-voting questions is a simple task for attendees.

From the session detail screen, delegates click “Interactive Q&A”, and are taken to the Social Q&A screen 

Tap "Ask" to post a question

Simply tap the up arrow to up-vote a question

Speaker & Moderator Instructions

Speakers and moderators can view questions by simply downloading the app to their mobile device and then following the same instructions at attendees (see above).

If moderators or speakers want to leverage advanced moderation tools they can take the following steps [As a speaker or moderator, when logged in, you have access to additional tools that delegates cannot see]. 

To get started tap "Sign In To Moderate".

Login using the password provided by your organization. 

You can now moderate questions: 

  • Delete by tapping the x. This removes the question from the list for everyone – moderators and attendees. You will have the opportunity to undo a delete.      
  • Complete by tapping the check mark. This is used to mark a question complete, and it will no longer be visible to attendees. This keeps the list fresh.
  • Highlight by tapping the heart. This doesn’t change the view for attendees, but it does make it easy for the moderator to find a question, no matter where it may be voted up to as the list changes.

There’s also the ability for the moderator to post answers to questions, if desired. Simply tap the question, and type the answer. This is not meant to replace the Q&A function, but rather, enhance it. Use this function for things like, “What does that acronym mean?” and other simple answers.

Both moderators and attendees can tap the question to view the answer the moderator posted.

Tips for Moderators & Speakers

1.    Practice in advance.It’s easy to do, and you can clear the questions you posted and answered in practice easily by clicking the x next to them.

2.    Prepopulate questions.After you’ve practiced and cleared the screen, get the ball rolling by sticking one or two in there and making others feel comfortable. No one will know it’s you.

3.    Tell delegates in advance.Tell the delegates where and how they can post questions at the beginning of the session, and encourage them to do so throughout the session.

4.    Take a break for questions halfway through.Taking a break for questions in the middle of the session will enable the speaker to respond to more questions, rather than waiting until the end.

Note: You may also notice a Session Settings button below the questions. Your organization has already set the appropriate settings, and you won’t need to change the settings for the sessions.

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