What Are Interactive Engagement Enhancements

Want to engage your attendees during educational sessions. Interactive Engagement Enhancements are cutting edge tools that we've integrated into our core product to facilitate attendee-to-speaker and attendee-to-attendee interactions during sessions.

Interactive Engagement Enhancements

  • Dynamic Session Evaluations: Create a set of session evaluations that will dynamically update to allow each speaker to have their own set of questions
  • Real-Time Session Polling: Attendees are able to respond to Poll questions from their mobile device, and view the results of the poll in real-time
  • Session Attendee Q&A: Attendees are able to submit questions in real time through their mobile device and also vote from a list of existing questions. Questions are sorted by popularity

These tools can be added to your license for an additional annual cost and can be purchased individually or as a bundle for greater savings.

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