What kinds of ads are available?

We offer several solutions for advertising within Eventsential by RD Mobile, including:

  • Eventsential by RD Mobile Advertising
  • Custom full-page menu ads

Eventsential by RD Mobile Advertising

Eventsential by RD Mobile Ads are the most directly-supported version of ads we offer. They will show up and rotate on most screens of the app, and reporting is available after the event has been published.

To Enable:  Edit your event and click on the Advertising tab.  Here you can Enable or Disable Advertising as well as choose to hide advertising on the schedule screens.  Note: the schedule screens are among the most popular screens when participants are using event features.

The Ads Tab:  Allows for the addition of one or multiple ads.  If multiple ads are available, they will be rotated through the app allowing for visibility of all the available ads.  

Custom full-page menu ads

Full-page menu ads are pages you create and add to the menu. They can either be linked to an external site or to a page you create in the Backoffice. 

External site link:  Page views and clicks can be tracked by external resources outside of the app.  Depending on network connectivity may not render if connectivity is poor.  

Creating a page in the Backoffice:  Loaded locally to the device.  Support for images and text.  Does not support tracking measures.  


From the event menu, select the Additional Menu Items tab
Click on the add new item button.  Enter a Name.  Select the Content Type.  
  • Linked content (file or URL) - upload the file or enter in the appropriate URL
  • Informational content (text, with markup) - here you can enter in custom text and / or images
  • Syndicated content (RSS or Atom feed) - provide a link the the appropriate URL

Example of Informational content:

With the menu item created it will now display in the Additional Menu Items list.  Additional steps are needed to make it visible within the app.  

With the menu item created, click on the Manage Menu button.  The newly created additional menu item will appear in the Additional Available Items (Currently Hidden) column.  

Click and hold the left mouse button down on the new menu item, and drag it to Event Menu Structure column.  Here you can drag the menu item to the desired location.  

Next, click the edit button to configure your menu item.  

Name override (optional):  If desired, rename your menu item.

Icon (required): Select an Icon top be displayed in the app  

Event entry point (optional) If desired, you can also make the menu item the Event entry point to ensure this is the first item app users will see when they select the event.  

Restrict access (optional):  Only selected roles will see the menu item.  If blank, all app users will see the menu item. 

  • If roles are added.  Choose how you would like the menu item to appear to app users who do not have the require roles.  
    • Locked:  A lock will appear next to the menu item
    • Hidden:  The menu item will not be visible to app users without the required role 

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