Attendee Roster

  1. To upload your event attendee roster, go to the grey primary navigation bar and click on the blue [Edit Event] button. Next, select Social Management in the menu list. 
  2. Click on the blue [Upload/Download Data] button and export your current Attendee Roster file. 
  3. Open the downloaded CSV file and add any new content or update existing fields with missing data. Fields that can be included are: First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, URL, Email, Phone, Custom1, and Custom2. Custom1 and Custom2.  
  4. All done? Awesome. Save a new copy of the CSV file with your changes. 
  5. Then upload the new CSV file to The Control Center. An alert will display any records that couldn’t be updated successfully. Make any necessary changes and re-upload the CSV file. If you persist in recieving errors, please email your Results Direct Support Team

When you want to add additional attendees simply repeat the steps above.

PRO TIPS: Roster Management
The Edit Event screen comes with the following Roster customization fields:

  • The Displaying Emails Field - Choose to display or keep hidden attendee email addresses. When hidden, email addresses are still used by the app to match with Social Profiles. Users can choose information to display on their profile regardless of this setting.
  • The Custom Field - Add additional criteria to enhance search functionality. This field could be used to capture Attendee Interests, Professional Status and more. 

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