What are the available Twitter options for Eventsential?

There are several things you can use Twitter for in Eventsential:

  • Display a specific Twitter user's tweets
  • Display all tweets using a specific hashtag
  • Display all tweets matching a specific search

In addition to being able to configure content, you also have some control over how these will display on the mobile apps. 

  1. Use the embedded timeline widget everywhere: This "web" version or embedded timeline allows users to log into their account and interact with the tweets, but with the tradeoff of not being a smooth native experience
  2. Render native user timeline/Render native search results timeline: These options will tell the app to render using the "native" Twitter SDK, which will make it flow and look right at home on a mobile device.

Think of the experience comparison being like that of using the Twitter web site versus using the native Twitter app.  We encourage you to give both options a try if you're unsure, to see how it will feel for your users.

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