Frequently asked questions and support documentation

# Virtual Event Platform

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#How- To

Everything How- To written out step- by- step.

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#New User Guide

This is the best place to get started; we'll walk you through the process.

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#Release Notes

Recent Release Notes describing new and improved functionality

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The What, How and Where of Ads in Engagefully/Eventsential

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App Icon

Information involving App Icons

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App Marketing Resources

Ideas to help you market your Organization and Events

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Attendee & Member Support

Articles to help you support your end users during events and throughout the year.

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Attendee Troubleshooting

Here is a list of common questions attendees may ask during an event.

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Badge Printing

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Eventsential communicates with your Beacons and sends messages only to those nearby

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Conferences I/O

Provides Live Q&A, Live Polls and Evaluations inside App (Additional Service)

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Contactless Features

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For assistance adding Engage content to the CQ Converge App

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Custom Content

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Custom Item Labels

Customize Labels, including Sessions, Exhibitors, other content labels

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Dedicated Apps

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Embedded Content

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Manage and Customize Engagefully-Specific Functionality

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Engagefully Access Restrictions

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Event Access Restrictions

Lock Down your event one of three ways, troubleshoot issues dealing with secure event

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Event Notifications

Including scheduled and push notifications for events and 360 (year round)

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Upload and Manage Exhibitors and how they display

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Invites and Follow-Up Email

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Venue maps, including Interactive maps. Integrated Exhibitor maps additional service.

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Add, Manage and Customize Menu items

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Organization / Event Info

Create, Manage and Customize your Organization and Event information

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Organization Admins

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Answers to commonly asked questions

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Upload, Manage and Customize Sessions and associated items

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Social Management

Upload, Manage and Customize Attendee Roster and related items

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Upload, Manage and Customize Speaker list and descriptions

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Add Branded Styles to your Organization and Events

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Tagging and Filtering

Create Tags members and attendees can use to filter items in the App

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Enable, Manage and Customize Twitter integration in your Event

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Updating Event Content

Upload, Manage and Refresh Event Content

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Uploading Event Content

Upload, Manage and Customize Event Content

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Full List of Videos: All Topics

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Year-Round Content

Year round content, including ads, notifications and content not tied to an event

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Year-Round Integration

Explore options for integrating associations user logins for an enhanced experience

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Personalized Dashboard

Enable, Manage and Customize the Dashboard

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Social Networking

Upload, Manage and Customize Social Networking, including MemberCentric integration

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