Event Roles

Your app includes Event Role functionality. Roles may be used to define groups of users for the purpose of restricting access to selected resources. Users are associated with roles through the Attendee Roster. Menu items and resources may be restricted by role. To locate or setup an Event Role, click on Roles & Content Access on the menu. 
Looking for Event Role inspiration? Browse the examples below.
Example: Role - Staff 
(Menu Group) STAFF 
  • (Menu Item) Back Office 
  • (Menu Item) Send a Notification 
  • (Menu Item) Staff Phone List 
  • (Menu Item) Onsite Training Guide
  • (Menu Item) Staff Schedule
  • (Menu Item) FAQ's  

Example: Role - Speaker 
(Menu Group) SPEAKERS

  • (Menu Item) Speaker Resource Center 
  • (Menu Item) Submit Speaker Info & Headshot 
  • (Menu Item) PowerPoint Presentation Template 
  • (Menu Item) Upload Presentation 
  • (Menu Item) Speaker Tips 
  • (Menu Item) Invite: VIP Speaker Reception 

Example: Role - Exhibitor or Sponsor

  • (Menu Item) Exhibitor/Sponsor Resource Center 
  • (Menu Item) Submit Exhibitor/Sponsor Info & Logo
  • (Menu Item) Register Your Team
  • (Menu Item) Exhibitor/Sponsor Checklist 
  • (Menu Item) Exhibitor/Sponsor Schedule 
  • (Menu Item) Invite: VIP Exhibitor/Sponsor Reception 

Do you have an Event Role idea or example? Let us know! We're always looking for new ideas and examples from clients.

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