Custom Content Examples - Video

Welcome!  Results Direct is excited to announce that with custom content, your event app can now be more flexible and robust than ever!  Now you might be wondering, what can you do with custom content?  Let me show you some examples.

At its core, custom content is basically a list of items, with a great deal of flexibility that allows you to define what those items are, and how they relate to other items in your event.

For example, let's say you want to provide information on local accommodations for your attendees.  You could put together a list of hotels.  That list could include the name of the hotel, the distance from your venue, rate information and location.

Tapping on a selection brings up a detail of the item, where you can provide an image, a detailed description, a link to their website, contact information and more.

Your attendees can search for specific items, and they can also select items and bookmark those for later.

Or, perhaps you'd like to provide a list of staff members for your event.  You can upload photos of each person, and provide their name and contact info.

In another example, here we have a collection of event sponsors.  You can define tag groups to allow attendees to easily filter the list.

You can include your sponsor's logo, a description, and a link to their website.

But we're just getting started!  Custom content items can be associated with sessions, speakers, exhibitors, resources, and even other custom content items.

Here is an example where we've created a list of tracks.  Each track can have a detailed description, and a set of sessions belonging to that track.  Tapping on a session takes you to the session detail page, and the session detail page lists what track that session belongs to.

This is a nice way to provide detailed information about each track, and to call attention to those tracks beyond just being able to filter the list of sessions.

Again, the ability to associate custom content items with sessions, speakers, exhibitors, resources, and other custom content creates nearly endless possibilities.  In addition, custom content items have full API support, allowing you to integrate with your AMS or other external system.

What information would you like to present to your attendees?  How might you use this tool to enhance your attendees' experience and promote engagement with your event?  The possibilities abound! We encourage you to give this feature a try, and check out our video on how to create and manage content types.

Thank you for watching!

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