How to Create Tracks Using Custom Content

What are tracks? Tracks are used to add a level of organization to your sessions by categorizing them in a way that makes it easier for your attendees to find the sessions they're looking for.

How to Create Tracks:

1.Click Add New Content-Type

2.Select Custom Content Type template

3.Choose Your Content Type Name (ex: Track)
4.Configure Content Details- Check off the below options
  • Small Image
  • Description
5.Allow relationships to other content types- Check off below options
  • Sessions
  • Resources
  • Custom Content

6. Save

Now that the custom content type for tracks is created, you can start creating the track categories.

1.Select Tracks from the menu 

2.Click Add New Item

3.Fill out relevant fields (ex: Name, small Image, description) 

4. Create

5.Select the newly created track

6.Click Add next to Associated Sessions and select the sessions that belong to this track.


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