How to Set Event Page Background (Desktop Site)

This feature will be available for events starting June 26th, 2021

Color is an important part of an organization's brand identity. 

The ability to customize the background image and color of the event website allows improved brand alignment for associations. 

Options for Background Images

There are three options for setting the event page background: 

  1. No background image (The Accent Color is used as a solid color background)
  2. Selecting from a list of pre-set options (The Accent Color will be used as the base for all *except Face Mosaic and Meeting Room)
  3. Selecting a custom image

How to Select Event Site Background

Step 1: 

If creating a new event: 
add new event > Choose an Event Type > Styling > Enter HTML color code under Accent Color > Scroll down to Website Background > Proceed to Step 2 below

If event is already created: 
From event main page, select Edit Event at the top right-hand-corner > Styling > Enter HTML color code if not entered > Scroll down to Website Background > Proceed to Step 2 below

Step 2: 

In the following examples (Option 1 and 2), the Accent Color is set to #6244bb (Purple): 

Option 1. No background image (The Accent Color is used as a solid color background): 

Option 2. Selecting from a list of pre-set options (The Accent Color will be used as the base for all *except Face Mosaic and Meeting Room):

Option 3.Selecting a custom image:

Clicking the radio button for this option will display an option to upload your own custom background image. Please keep in mind the recommended image format, dimensions, and file size (PNG or JPEG; 1920x1080px; less than 1MB respectively).


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