Setting Up Speakers

Once you’ve logged into the Backoffice, navigate to the Speakers tab and select Add New Speaker

This will pull up a list of all the information that can be added for each speaker. The speaker’s first name, last name job title and company are recommended. In addition, you can add a headshot. The image sizes for headshots are 120 pixels square and under 100 kB. 

You are also able to add them as a Featured Speaker, which will appear on the welcome page. You are able to choose up to four speakers to display on the welcome page. 

You can choose whether to display the speaker’s contact information such as email address, phone number, website URL, and Twitter username. You are also able to add any custom information should you have any additional details. 

The description field is where you are going to want to add in their bio and any additional information. 

Once you have all their information added, click Save in the upper right hand corner. This will begin to build your speaker list. If you click back into your recently added speaker, you can see that you are able to associate multiple items to a speaker. For example, if your speaker is also an exhibitor or sponsor, you are able to associate them to the corresponding organization. You can also associate your speaker to the session in which they will be speaking at. You can click Add, either next to Associated Exhibitors or next to Associated Sessions. This will pull up a list of all sessions that have been entered into the Backoffice. From there, you can simply select the sessions that they will be speaking at. 

Similar to sessions, you can also add resources for your speakers. If your speaker would like to have their presentation included, or documentation relating to their bio, you can add it to the resources section. Simply click Add next to resources and give your document a name. From there, you are able to add the document’s URL, or upload a file. 

You also have the ability to add speakers in bulk. Navigate back to the Speakers tab and click the Upload/Download Databutton. Then, click the Download For Spreadsheets button, which will provide you with a template to add all speaker information. This template includes fields for speaker first name, last name, email address, as well as any other custom information that you would like to add. 

After you’ve added these details to the template, save the document to your computer and select the Choose File option. Locate your document, then click Upload File to add all speakers in bulk. 

If you have any additional questions regarding session setup, Vimeo options or the advanced settings, please contact our support team at

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