Digital Registrant Bag

The Registrant Bag is the place where all scanned items are collected, such as: 

  • Exchanged business cards (*Please skip to the end of the article for details on the 2021.12 Updates)
  • Session check-in information
  • Any exhibitors for which the user is recorded as a lead 

The Registrant Bag is accessible as an event menu item through the mobile device (Not currently visible through the desktop experience/public site):

If the Registrant Bag is not visible for the event in the mobile app, please make sure that the item is added to the menu tab in the Backoffice: 

Hit the Save button at the top right-hand-corner to preserve changes. 

*2021.12 Update: With the 2021.12 update, business cards in the Registrant Bag can:

  • Be exported all at once as a list in text or CSV/Excel file form: 
  • Individually be:
    • Edited (limited to notes)
    • Added to contacts
    • Exported
    • Deleted

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