How do I create a Notification?

Go to your event's detail page and look for the Notifications tab. Click Add New Notification.

You will be presented with an edit screen that looks like this, asking for the details of the notification:

  1. Title: This is the main title of the notification and is limited to 50 characters, but even shorter is better. If you send the notification as a push notification, the title text will display on the device.
  2. Priority: Changes the icon next to the notification in the app.
    Normal: Urgent:

  3. Restrict Visibility: (New in 2019.1!) If you have an announcement that concerns only a subset of your attendees, you can select one or more roles for the notification. Only users who have at least one of the selected roles will be able to see the notification in the app, or will receive push notifications about it.
  4. Post notification: This will decide when you want the notification to appear to users of the app. You can create a notification to display immediately, or anytime in advance. Note that the time you choose will be in the local time of the event, not necessarily your local time. The event time zone is listed there for your convenience.
  5. Send push notifications: Here you will see all apps that your event appears in. For Enterprise customers, this might include both the base Eventsential app as well as your branded app. If you wish to inform users that you have posted a notification in the app, you can check these boxes to send a push notification to their device at the time you chose above.
  6. Content: As with other description fields within the app, you can have as much or as little content as you wish within the content of the notification, in any format you wish. Images are also supported by selecting the image icon and linking the desired image through a URL or uploading the desired image. 

Once you’ve completed filling this section out, click Create in the top navigation, and you’re done!

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