Year-Round Pass-through Authentication

Pass-through authentication provides the ability for authenticated users within the Eventsential/Engagefully mobile app to link to their member account on your organization's website.  This enhances the mobile app experience by eliminating the need for members to log in twice to get from the app to member-only web content provided by your organization.

  • Menu items within the app can be restricted to be accessible only to members
  • Web resources become easily and securely accessible without the need to re-enter user names and passwords after initial linking of the member account.

This is an add-on feature, please reach out to our sales team to schedule a demo.  

User Experience - New Accounts - Engagefully / Eventsential Account

  1. A user enters their email address on the login screen in Engagefully.
  2. If the email address does not match an existing account in Engagefully, the user is prompted to provide their first and last name. This is the screen you captured.
  3. After the user provides their first and last name, a verification email is sent to the address provided.
  4. The user clicks on a link in the email message. This creates the Engagefully account, verifies the email address, and automatically logs in the user.
  5. A background process is then triggered to look up the user in the IQ system by their email address. If a match is found, the account is automatically linked. From a technical standpoint, this means that the user's ID from their IQ account is stored with their Engagefully account. This process is invisible to the user.

Available for the Following Products

  • Engagefully by RD Mobile - Version 2020.1 and newer
  • Eventsential by RD Mobile with 360 enabled - Version 2020.1 and newer

Technical Requirements 

Account linking integration is a prerequisite to pass-through authentication.

Technical requirements for pass-through authentication may vary based on the specific needs of each organization.  Please be prepared to discuss the needs of your organization with our sales representatives to ensure the best solution is made available.  Details listed below are requirements that apply to a typical solution.  

Your organization will need to provide a page on your website that will take the following arguments in the query string:

  • ID - The ID will be the user's unique key in your database.
  • Timestamp - UTC timestamp of the HTTP request in the standard format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ.
  • Destination URL - Where the user should be forwarded upon successful authentication.
  • Hashed Signature - The signature will be a hash of the ID, timestamp, and destination values, using HMACSHA256 and a shared key.  The signature will be formatted as a Base-64 string.

The page on your website should validate the signature based on the given URL parameters and the shared key.  We recommend that you consider the request to have expired if a sufficient amount of time has passed since the timestamp in the request, such as 5 or 10 minutes.

On successful validation, your page should forward the user to the destination URL provided.

On failed validation, the user should be redirected to a login page.

Please note that implementing pass-through does not change how users will log into the Engagefully/Eventsential mobile app.  Users will continue to log in to the Engagefully/Eventsential mobile app using their local app credentials, not their credentials with your organization.

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