Year-Round Account Linking and Integration

With version 2020.1, mobile app users can link their Engagefully account to their account with your organization.  This enables you to create Organization Roles based on information in your system to deliver restricted content to specific groups of users, and it also makes it possible to link users to your website with pass-through authentication.

Account Linking is available for the following products: 

  • Engagefully by RD Mobile - Version 2020.1
  • Eventsential by RD Mobile with 360 enabled - Version 2020.1

Technical Requirements

At a minimum, your system will need to provide an API that supports the following:

  • Authenticate a user by their username & password, and/or look up a user by their email address (providing that email addresses are guaranteed to be unique in your system)
  • Fetch user details by the user's unique key

If the account linking is being used to support Organization Roles, role information should be made available by one of the following means:

  • Included in the user details
  • An API endpoint on your system that provides a list of members of a given group

You may employ a combination of the above methods for different roles.

In addition, particularly if your role information is included in the user details, it is optimal to provide an API endpoint that will allow our system to fetch a list of user records that have been updated since a given date and time.

Account linking is an add-on feature not included with the base application.  Additional integration fees may apply.  Please contact your sales representative for details.

Please note that account linking does not imply integrated authentication.  Users will continue to log in to the Engagefully/Eventsential mobile app using their local app credentials, not their credentials with your organization.

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