Year-Round Organizational Roles

Organizational Roles were introduced with version 2020.1 (Jan 2020).  This is an exciting feature as it opens up numerous possibilities with managing your Year-Round Content.  Similar to the roles feature in Events where assigning participants to roles allows for more granular control over what menu items are presented to certain groups of participants, Organizational Roles unlocks this capability for Engagefully and Year-Round menus. 


  • Engagefully - version 2020.1
  • Eventsential with Year-Round content enabled - version 2020.1
  • Integration requires Account Linking

Why Organizational Roles 

Organizational roles allow you to provide a more dynamic experience within the app where users are presented and given access to specific menu items.

Creating and Populating Roles

The first step in using Organizational Roles is to create Roles.  


  1. On the home menu, look for the Organizational Roles menu item
  2. Select the Add New Role button
  3. Provide a name for your new role and click Create
  4. Your Organizational Roles menu will now display the role you created.  Click on the link to the desired role you would like to update. Then click Add Users
  5. Roles are based on email addresses.  Add the desired email addresses.  If you have an Excel list of email addresses, you can save the Excel list as a Tab Delimited Text (.txt) file to produce a text list which can be copied and pasted. (See Integration section below to pull data from AMS / CMS)  
  6. With roles created and populated, you can now use roles at the 360 level to manage menu items.  

Integration - Pulling Member Data From Your AMS / CMS Solution

While it is possible to manage organization roles through the App Backoffice interface, it is usually preferable to create an integration which pulls in member data from your system to automatically populate Organizational Roles.  A few things need to be in place to make this work.

  1. The first step in this process is to enable account linking.  Your system will need to provide certain API's to allow data to be exchanged.  Please see the Technical Requirements section under Account Linking Integration.
  2. Organizational Roles must be defined and created prior to pulling member data into desired roles.  We currently do not have the ability to dynamically/automatically create Organizational Roles from your AMS / CMS. 

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