New Event Set-Up Check List

Starting to create a new event and need some guidance on how to get started? The New Event Build Check List includes short videos designed to help walk you through the event setup process. Remember, we're here to help, so let us know if we can.

1.     Login and Complete Required Training

a.     Getting Started

b.   Shell Event Setup

2.     Event Content Creation

a.     Setting Up Sessions

b.     Setting Up Speakers

3.     Event Content Creation

a.     Setting Up Sponsors/ Exhibitors

             i.     Additional Sponsor Opportunities

             ii.     Exhibitor Video Embed

b.     Misc. Additional Content

             i.     Custom Content

1.     How to Create Custom Content

2.     Custom Content Examples

              ii.     Additional Menu Items

4.     Promotion & Communication

a.     Adding Registrants

b.     Emails & Notifications

5.     Testing & Final Review 

a.     Navigation & Preview

              i.     Review Full Process

              ii.     Test Invitation/ Login

              iii.     Session Links

              iv.     Exhibitor/Sponsor Profiles

               v.     Misc. Content 

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