Digital Business Card Exchange

Attendees of an in-person event can quickly and safely exchange digital business cards with each other by scanning QR codes on their RD mobile app.

The digital business card information, such as: name, email address, job title, organization, phone number, and website comes from the user's Profile Information. To fully utilize the feature, please have the attendees fill out the My Profile - Profile Information section of their app.  

*Please skip to the end of the article for details on the 2021.12 Updates

Enabling the Digital Business Card Feature in the Backoffice

This feature will be turned-on by default for newly created events, and off for existing events.

Once an event is created, click on Edit Event:

On the “Edit Your Event” screen, navigate to Social Networking > Business Card Exchange to change the digital business card exchange settings:

Make sure "Enable business card exchange between attendees of this event" is selected. 

Click the Save button at the top right-hand corner to preserve changes.  

Exchanging Business Cards on the Mobile App

Once the feature is enabled in the Backoffice, a circular QR Scanner icon will appear in the bottom right-corner of the event main menu: 

Tapping on the icon will open the scanner tool:

Tapping on the QR code on the bottom will enlarge it. Both users will need to initiate a card exchange from the scan button on the event’s main menu.

To exchange a business card, simply have one user point the scanner at the other user's QR code. 

Once the scanning user has the bar code data, the app will prompt that user to add a quick note. 

All business cards collected by an attendee are available in their Registrant Bag

- Business card data is immutable: it is a snapshot of the state of a user’s account at the moment of exchange, and will not be updated if that user’s profile subsequently changes.
- A user may delete a card they have collected from their own bag but may not “take back” a card they have given to another user.

*2021.12 Update

  • During a digital business card exchange, the attendee being scanned will receive a push notification confirming a successful swap (The 'scanner' or the individual doing the scanning should see the exchanged card appear in their Registrant Bag immediately): 
  • In some cases, such as when the device has network connectivity issues, the scan may not appear in the Registrant Bag immediately. A push-notification will appear stating that the upload has "Failed", and that the unsuccessful scans should sync once the issue has been resolved (e.g. the device regains internet connection): 

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