Printable QR Codes for Exhibitor and Session Check-In

With the return to in-person events in mind, we have enhanced the Eventsential/Engagefully platform with several new QR code based “contactless” features in our 2021.10 update so attendees can connect and be more productive while minimizing physical contact. 

Printed QR Codes can be scanned using the in-app QR code reader, which is accessed by tapping on the icon on the bottom right corner of the main menu:

The contactless features include: 

  • Digital Business Card Exchange
  • Exhibitor Lead Scanning & Check-in
  • Session Check-ins

Printable QR codes are available in the Backoffice for the latter two features. QR codes for sessions and exhibitors can be printed in bulk (in a single file with each QR code on a separate page) or individually. This article will go over where to find them:

Printing QR Codes for Sessions

To print all QR codes for the sessions in the Backoffice, go to: Sessions > click "download printable QR codes" > a list of QR codes, corresponding to each of the sessions in the Backoffice, should appear. Print the QR codes through your browser options (We recommend printing them in landscape mode, but please check the preview screen to identify the best orientation since browser and printer settings can differ from device-to-device): 

If re-print for a specific session is necessary, or if QR codes are only needed for a select few sessions, simply select the individual session from the Backoffice, and click "printable":

Printing QR Codes for Exhibitors 

Similar to session QR codes above, exhibitor QR codes can be printed all at once: 

or individually: 

NOTE: Please remember that the QR codes associated with the session/exhibitor will be listed above the title: 

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