Release Notes

Here is where you can find the RD Mobile Release Notes. Each release includes product refinements and enhancements. 

RD Mobile Release Notes History 

2022.v5.0 (Coming Soon

This latest release offers significantly enhanced exhibitor lead scanning features, improvements to attendee/delegate capabilities, new reports for event administrators, and new diagnostic tools for quicker resolution of support issues.
Mobile Access for Exhibitors to Attendee/Delegate Scans
Exhibitors can now use Exhibitor Mode on their iOS and Android devices to access scanned leads, make notes on individual contacts, and export lead lists.
Pending scans in Registrant Bags
Scanned digital business cards, session and exhibitor check-ins, and lead scans are now available even as they’re pending upload to the cloud.
Enhanced muting/unmuting capabilities on iOS devices
Attendees/delegates can block/unblock other attendees more easily in the Directory on iOS devices through a new action icon on individual attendee Profiles.
New Admin Reports:
Downloadable engagement reports are available for: 
  • Non-participating users that were registered for an event but did not access the platform  
  • Non-registered users that participated but were not registered 
New Diagnostic Troubleshooting Tool
The “Need Help?” section of the app has been enhanced with a new “Send Diagnostics” feature that enables app users to automatically send their operating system, version, and other details to RD Mobile Support to assist in resolving issues.

2022.v4.0 (11August 2022) 

This release includes enhancements to the leaderboard, the ability to assign designations and reorder speakers on session detail pages, and notifications in the mobile app to remind attendees about upcoming sessions. 

Session Reminders
Attendees will now receive reminder notifications for the sessions they’ve selected when using the mobile app. Please see Mobile App Session Reminders for more details. 

Speaker Designation and Reordering
Session detail screens now support reordering of speakers as well as the ability to assign designations to individual speakers including moderator, panelist, author, etc. Please read the help documentation for more information.  

Leaderboard Enhancements
Gamification can be used to encourage and increase engagement at events. The new leaderboard interface displays ranking, the attendee’s activities, rules, and prizes for your game. Please see the updated Leaderboard article for instructions on how to utilize these additional features. 

2022.v3.0 (10 May 2022)

This release brings more gamification options to the platform while also providing more tools to integrate your content with websites. 

New Gamification/Engagement Enhancements
We have added a “Gamification” Tab to the back office, allowing you to assign point values to a variety of activities (using contactless features) including:

  • Checking into sessions
  • Checking into an exhibitor booth/stand
  • Being scanned as a lead by an exhibitor 
  • Exchanging Digital Business Cards with other attendees

These capabilities will allow you to create games or other incentives to encourage specific types of activities at your events.

Please see the article: The New Leaderboard for additional details. 

Include Speaker Details on Your Website
Additional HTML and CSS code that can be used by your website to display speaker data (by embedding it into your existing website pages) is now available. This completes the previously released options to embed session and exhibitor details (Instructions for utilizing the embed code can be found in the article: Embed Speaker Details on Your Website).

Session Email Reminders
You can now turn off session reminder emails for in-person events (Please see: How to Disable Session Email Reminders).

2022.v2.2 (13 April 2022)

This release further enhances support for contactless QR code features with more printed badge formats, lead data export, and a portal for event staff to manage on-site badge printing. We’ve also made improvements to usability and admin portal performance.  

Additional Badge Printing Options, including a Portal for Managing On-Site Badge Printing
The 2022.v2 release introduced printed badge QR code support. This update extends this functionality with:
  • New On-Site Badge Portal: This web-based application enables your on-site staff and volunteers to retrieve, edit (or create), and print badges for attendees without having to access the full admin portal. Please see the article: On-Site Badge Printing Portal for steps on how to utilize the feature.
  • 2 New Badge Designs: in addition to 3x4” and 4x3” badge sizes, we’ve created a foldable quarter page badge design in both US and UK paper dimensions. Please see the article: Badge Styles for more information.
  • Badge Type Colors: Badges for sponsors, attendees, speakers, and other types can now have their own unique colors for better visual distinction.  
  • Exported Badge Data Includes Physical Address: Exported badge data to support 3rd party printing solutions can now include attendee’s physical address so badges can more easily be mailed out in advance of an event. 
Lead Scanning Data Enhancements 
Exhibitor lead scanning reports can now include custom fields for attendee demographic data or other valuable information, providing additional value to sponsors.
Accessibility Improvements to Desktop Experience 
We conducted additional usability and accessibility testing and have implemented minor UI refinements. 
Improved Admin Portal Performance and Changes
The “Participants” tab has now been separated into 2 sections:  1. “Known Participating Users” and 2. “Listed Registrants” to improve usability and performance.

2022.v2 (28 February 2022)

This release extends our in-person event features to include badge QR code support and highlights improvements to the website experience and reporting. 

Support for Badge Printing for Contactless QR Features

We are excited to announce the soft launch of badge printing support. 

The 2021.10 release introduced several new QR code based “contactless” features, allowing attendees to connect and be more productive while minimizing physical contact at events. Many clients have expressed a desire to add attendee QR codes for use on printed badges (Please see article on how to enable this feature). This release specifically includes: 

  1. Support for exporting registrant badge information as QR code destination URLs that 3rd party badge printing software and service companies can utilize (Suggested use case). 
  2. Limited support for printing individual badges directly from the admin portal. Please read: Printing Individual Badges Through the Backoffice for more information. 

We will be releasing additional features and enhancements over the next several months. 

More Tools to Embed Event Information into 3rd Party Websites
To make it simpler for event staff to leverage event data in multiple places, the platform now provides HTML and CSS code that can be copied and pasted into 3rd party websites to display exhibitor data. Please see: How to Embed Exhibitor Lists on Your Web Site for details. 

We have also enhanced the existing session embed code to include speakers and sub-sessions, making it easier to update content once and have it display everywhere. 
Please read the article: Embed Sessions on Your Web Site for more information. 

Usability improvements for Personal Event Schedules Accessed from a Web Browser
We have refined the desktop experience to make session selection faster and more intuitive for attendees. 

Enhancements to the Session Check-In Report
We added support for session and registrant external keys to make it easier to export data into 3rd party databases.

2021.12 (16 December 2021)

This release focuses on usability and performance improvements to contactless engagement features and system monitoring.

Improvements to Contactless Business Card Exchange
Based on user feedback of this popular feature introduced in the 2021.10 release, we’ve made the following improvements: 

  • Updated QR scanner interface with clearer instructions and the ability to ‘pinch to zoom’ to improve scanning accuracy and usability
  • Notification to attendee being scanned confirming the business card exchange (Please see: Digital Business Card Exchange)
  • Notification alerting attendee when a business card scan was unsuccessful (Please see: Digital Business Card Exchange)
  • More options to edit and share business cards from the registrant bag (Please skip to the end of the article: Digital Registrant Bag)
  • Admin report of business card exchange usage added to report section (Please read the section: Digital Business Card Exchanges

Additional Platform Monitoring
Additional system monitoring has been added for faster detection of fluctuations in platform availability.

Enhanced Reporting
Top Pages Over Time report now includes web usage (Please read the section: Top 10 Platform Screens Over Time

2021.11 (27 October 2021)

This release introduces new features to allow your exhibitors to upload and manage their own content and details in the app and desktop experiences as well as updated reports and analytics for events.
New Exhibitor Self-Service Portal
The platform now supports a portal where exhibitors can log in and manage their own exhibitor pages. Exhibitor staff can upload images, add content, and preview their pages. As an event organizer you can control who has access. Additionally, when combined with our new QR Exhibitor Lead Scanning features, exhibitors can also access lead list reports in real-time. Read the Exhibitor Management Portal article to learn more.
Improved Event Reporting
Event reporting has been refreshed and improved. We’ve organized reporting into three sections featuring general engagement reports, session reports, and exhibitor reports. We’ve also improved data aggregation and now provide access to raw data files to allow you to analyze the data directly for additional insights. You can learn more about all the reports on the Viewing Event Reports page.

2021.10 (24 September 2021)

With the return to in-person events we’ve enhanced the Eventsential/Engagefully platform with several new QR code based “contactless” features so your attendees can connect and be more productive while minimizing physical contact with other attendees and printed materials .
Digital Business Card Exchange
Attendees can easily and quickly exchange a digital business card with other attendees while meeting face-to-face, eliminating the need to exchange a physical card. For more information, please see the article: Digital Business Card Exchange
Exhibitor Lead Scanning & Check-In
The app now provides tools for exhibitors to scan the attendee QR code for lead generation in the expo hall or anytime during your events (for example, when meeting at networking functions). Attendees also have the option to “check-in” with exhibitors by scanning exhibitor QR codes (which can made available not only at the booth or stand, but in other areas during the event). Please read: Exhibitor Lead Scanning and Check-In for details. 
Session Check-In 
In-person attendees can now “check-in” to a session right from their mobile device. Enhanced reporting features will allow you to see who attended the sessions. Further details can be found here: QR Code and Virtual Session Check-In
Digital Registrant Bag
Participants can capture their activity at the event and review who they exchanged cards with, sessions they attended, exhibitors they visited, and other resources they’ve scanned from one convenient location right on their mobile device. No more carrying around a physical conference bag. For more details, see: Digital Registrant Bag

2021.9 (18 August 2021)

This release includes a new suite of branding options for exhibitors, a new option for session videos, expanded speaker profiles, and several reporting upgrades.

  • More Exhibitor Branding Options
    Sponsors and exhibitors have more tools to enhance the branding on their digital pages for both virtual and onsite audiences including:
  • More Video Options for Sessions
    Event admins can now embed YouTube videos directly on session detail screens. Please refer to: Embed YouTube Content within Sessions for more details.
  • More Design Options for Desktop Welcome Screen    
    To improve the branding of your event you can now provide a circular logo to display on the Event Details screen. Please see: How to Display Round Logo on Event Details Page for more details. 
  • Expanded Speaker Profiles
    Speaker profiles can now include additional social network links including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Expanded Event Reporting
    The event reporting section has been updated to include:
    • A new report showing the total users selecting an event by device type
    • An at-a-glance-view of exhibitor leads
    • The option to download all session attendance activity as a single CSV file
    • The option to download session & exhibitor selection data as a downloadable CSV file
    • Provide Device Use and Top Pages Over Time reports as downloadable CSVs

2021.8 (23 July 2021)

This release increases participant engagement at events by adding real-time notifications, attendee discussion tools, and a leaderboard to the desktop experience. We also added several administrator enhancements to make it even easier to manage your event content.

  • Real-Time Notifications on the Desktop 
    Desktop users will now see a pop-up at the top-right corner of their screen alerting them of new Notifications from event administrators and Private Messages from other attendees, similar to push notifications on the mobile apps.  For more information, please see  Real-Time Notification for Desktop Users.  
  • Timeline and Leaderboard for Desktop Users  
    The Social Networking feature ‘Timeline’ and the gamification feature ‘ Leaderboard’ are now available for desktop users! Attendees participating virtually can now comment on sessions, post pictures, and Like other users’ comments from the event website. Participants who receive the most Likes will be featured on the event Leaderboard.  
  • Ability for Conversations Managers to Delete Groups 
    Conversation Managers can now easily delete unused discussion Groups from their Conversations page. See simple step-by-step instructions:  Deleting Conversations Groups
  • Custom Fields and External Key Information Added to Activity Report 
    Downloadable “Session and User Reports” will now display custom field values and external key information contained in the registrant record. 

2021.7 (25 June 2021) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This month’s release brings a brand-new look and feel to the Eventsential’s desktop website with benefits for you, your participants and your sponsors! Along with the webpage redesign, we’ve also included features that improve usability and configurability for Conversations and the platform’s native apps.  

  • Redesign of the Desktop Website
    Significant aesthetic improvements that increase usability and sponsor visibility have been made to the desktop event experience including setting an event background image. For more information, please see article on How to Set Event Page Background (Desktop Site) and to dive deeper into the benefits of the redesign see the Event Platform Redesign Highlights article.
  • Active Notifications Icon on Desktop
    Desktop notifications have been improved to better highlight new messages.
  • Social Network Management for Desktop Users
    Attendees can now connect Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to their profile on the desktop site. For more information, please see article on Managing Social Network Profiles (Desktop Site)
  • Configurable Exhibitor Contact Buttons in Native Apps
    The Contact button on exhibitor detail pages is now available on the iOS and Android apps. The button can also be renamed for both the desktop and app: Relabeling Exhibitor Contact Buttons.
  • Configurable Session Video Text and Button Labels in Native Apps
    Session videos on the iOS and Android app now show the same button, descriptive text and image as the desktop experience.
  • Invitation Email for Conversations Groups
    Invitation emails will now be sent to all participants added to an invite only Conversations group. 

2021.6 (13 May 2021) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This release offers clearer user-client communication channels, a more intuitive user-interface for support requests, increased control over announcements for year-round clients, and several usability enhancements. 

  • New Attendee Help and Support Resources 
    Virtual attendees requiring help before, during and after events can now access answers to common questions and convenient contact buttons for communication with support staff. These resources are available on login pages and from the main event navigation. Please see Attendee Support Basics for further details. 
  • Event Support Point of Contact
    To further improve the event experience for both attendees and support staff, clients will now provide an event-specific point of contact for support topics. This ensures a prompt response to urgent matters and a clear channel of communication. For details, please see the article on Assigning Event Support
  • Engagefully Customers Can Now Send Targeted Organization-level Announcements
    Announcements, including push notifications, can now be sent to a specific group of end users on the year-round layer of the mobile apps. Creating the target group of recipients can be set up via Organization Roles
  • Improved iOS Accessibility Features
    With increased compatibility with iOS VoiceOver, a gesture-based screen reader, RD Mobile apps can be better used on the iPhone even if users cannot see the screen. Please see this Apple support document on how to enable VoiceOver on your iPhone
  • Searching by Speaker for Sessions on Desktop
    Users can now search for sessions by the speaker’s name in the search bar. 
  • Improved Handling of Login Email Header Images
    Large images will now appear as appropriately sized headers for email-clients that did not obey styling specifications. 

2021.5 (8 April 2021) [Web Update]

This release provides enhancements to Event Notifications management, more control over Conversations group access and several performance improvements.  

  • Extended Event Notification Scheduling   
    Recognizing that event formats are evolving and some events last weeks or even months, we’ve rearchitected the platform to allow event notifications to be scheduled as far in advance as desired. 
  • Increased Flexibility for Access to Community/Conversations Groups   
    Conversations is a great way to facilitate valuable discussion among attendees. You can now grant access to Conversation groups on an event-by-event basis. A Group can be restricted to participants with a specific event role, where previously, they would have required an organization role.     
  • Direct Messaging Improvements 
    Users who opt-out of direct messaging can no longer send messages to other attendees and help text was added to clarify user’s availability for messaging.  
  • Desktop Performance Improvements     
    Desktop event page now load faster through improved web caching.

2021.4 (22 March 2021) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This update provides even more control over the Event Detail and Session Detail screens as well as several performance improvements.

  • Custom Button Text for External Video Links on Session Detail Screen 
    You can now customize the “Join” button with your own text when using an external link to launch your session video. (Edit Session-> Video Content-> External link).

2021.3 (18 February 2021) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This release focuses on new features for sessions and the event welcome page, providing you more control, new revenue opportunities, and an even better attendee experience.

  • Personalized Conference Agenda - Restricting Sessions by Role
    Individual sessions at your event now support access control based on event and organization roles, giving you the ability to lock or hide sessions to only certain sub-groups of attendees. This means you can now restrict sessions to only attendees who’ve paid, offer day passes, insert agenda items only board members or VIPS can see, and even include session content that’s only visible to on-site attendees versus virtual attendees. This can be configured by editing the session details directly in the App Backoffice or by using the CSV upload process.  (Sessions -> Edit) 

  • Improved Interface to Launch Session Streaming Engines 
    Want to have an interactive Zoom meeting or use GotoWebinar during your event? We’ve made it even easier and more intuitive for attendees to access sessions that are using 3rd party streaming engines (like Zoom, GoogleMeet, GotoWebinar, etc) by providing an elegantly designed and highly visible button at the top of the session details screen.

  • Event Details Screen Now Shows Featured Exhibitors and Offers More Configuration Options
    Your event welcome screen has gotten even better. In addition to upcoming sessions and featured speakers you can now add featured sponsors/exhibitors. We’ve also given more controls to turn on/off the various elements on the screen.

2021.2 (4 February 2021) [Web Update]

This release provides additional ROI to event sponsors and makes tracking invitation emails more intuitive. 

  • Exhibitor Update - Schedule Appointment Button
    Booking appointments or demos is one of the most valuable forms of ROI for sponsors of an event. With this update, attendees can now see a dedicated button on the exhibitor detail page to schedule an appointment. Clicking this will take the attendee to the scheduling tool of choice for that exhibitor (Calendly, Doodle, web form, etc.). This can be configured by editing the exhibitor directly in the App Backoffice or by using the CSV upload process.  (Exhibitors -> Edit -> Schedule Appointment URL) 
  • Invitation and Follow-Up Emails – Display Time Zone
    Email timestamps now include the time zone when they were sent to make it easier for administrators to track.  (Participants -> Registrants -> View Registrant) 

2021.1 (21 January 2021) [Web Update]


This first release of 2021 enhances the Event Details screen on the desktop to create an even more intuitive and engaging experience for your attendees leading up to and during your event.

  • Event Details (Responsive Web / Desktop Enhancement)
    New visual elements and additional content now available on the Event Details screen include the following: 
    • Add a banner image for your event (Edit Event -> Styling tab)
    • A countdown clock appears leading up to your event 
    • Upcoming sessions in the schedule appear as previews, including a timer to remind attendees of their start time 
    • Session images can now be added to each of your sessions that appear on the event details page (Sessions tab -> Edit Session)
    • Designate featured speakers to appear on the event details screen (Speakers tab -> Edit Speaker -> “Featured” checkbox)
    • A larger ad space now appears at the bottom of the screen
    • You now have a choice between adding a hero image, or embed a welcome video which can be used to promote the conference, provide guidance or highlight sponsors (Edit event -> Styling tab)

2020.8 (December 2020) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This final release of the year focuses on providing your organization with the flexibility to make your 2021 events a success. Along with our longstanding support of on-site and virtual events we anticipate a growing number of hybrid event this year. To support these events the platform now fully supports multi-device and multi-location networking and enhanced sorting options for exhibitors/sponsors and session resources.

  • Direct Messaging

    We've enabled direct messaging on web browsers for attendees to engage during virtual and hybrid events. This works seamlessly with the native mobile apps allowing for participants at home and on-site to network and communicate.  

  • Exhibitor Sorting

    The Exhibitor module now supports a custom sort option giving you control over the display order of sponsors and exhibitors, including by sponsorship level. Sorting can be administered via the back office portal, CSV upload and our standard APIs.

  • Session Resource Sorting

    Default sorting for session resources is alphabetical by resource title. This new backoffice feature allows you to drag session resources to reorder their display for attendees on web browsers and the native apps. 

2020.7 (December 2020) [ Web Update]

     This release includes two new enhancements and a number of performance improvements and bug fixes. 

  • Backoffice
    • Enhanced Engagement Reports
      • Both the “Session and User Reports” and “Exhibitor Visits” (located on your event’s reports page in the backoffice) have been updated to include data on participant contact preferences when available. This makes it easier to determine what data should be provided to sponsors or 3rd parties. Both reports also now include the attendee’s title and organization. We've also changed the sorting of the “Session and User Reports” to improve usability.
    • Access Restricted Events Now Support Configurable Event Entry Screen
      • You can now set what page greets your attendees when they first access a restricted event on both desktop and mobile. The default screen is still “Event Details”, however, by choosing a different “Entry Point” on the menu configuration page you can override this setting to choose a different page as the initial point of entry. (NOTE: Not currently supported in mobile app. Timeline and Dashboard are also not currently supported on Responsive Web (Public) site.)
    • Participant Contact Preferences 
      • Ability to set participant contact preferences through CSV or API import of Registrant data

2020.6 (November 2020) [Web Update]

This release introduces a small number of new features focusing on the Backoffice and Responsive Web Sites.

  • Email Reminders - Introducing email reminders - New feature to assist participants who are using the Schedule to pre-select Sessions of interest for events.
    • Daily Digest - An email will be sent to participants between 0000 and 0100 hours each morning who have selected sessions scheduled that morning.   The email will list out the selected sessions for the day with links to the desired sessions.
    • 15 Minute Reminders - An email will be sent to the participant 15 minutes prior to the selected session start time. A link will be provided in the email to the desired session. 
  • Backoffice
    • Expanded Event Reporting - Sessions and User Reports (Beta) 
      • Provides more granular detail into user activities within your event.  Views also allow for the download of reports for further analysis. 
      • Session Activity – Overview - High level view of activities. 
      • Session Activity – What participants viewed the session and when they viewed the session. 
  • Responsive Web Updates
    • Directory -The Directory, previously only available in the mobile app, is now available through the responsive web site.  
    • User Profile Photo -  Participants now have the ability to ADD/REMOVE/UPDATE their profile photos through the responsive web site.

2020.5.3 (October 2020) [Web and Mobile App Update]

This update continues improvements to facilitate virtual events.

  • App Update
    • Ability to view embedded session videos from within the mobile apps 
  • Backoffice / Responsive Web Updates
    • New Report – Session Attendance – Overview of sessions viewed by web users during the session which includes a period 15 minutes prior to the session starting. 
      • NOTE: Reporting does not include sessions viewed on mobile devices. Except in cases where the session incorporates an embedded Vimeo video. 
      • Data Elements
        • Session ID 
        • Session Name 
        • Given Name 
        • Family Name 
        • Affiliation 
        • Title 
        • Email Address 
        • In Directory (Is Registrant) 
    • New Report – Exhibitor Visits – Overview of exhibitors viewed by web users. 
      • Data Elements 
      • Exhibitor ID 
      • Exhibitor Name 
      • Given Name 
      • Family Name 
      • Affiliation
      • Title 
      • Email Address 
      • In Directory (Is Registrant) 
      • Number of Visits (count of times visiting exhibitor) 
    • Restricted Resource Assistance - Add ability to display addition instructions to participants when trying to access restricted resources. 
    • Branded Email Notifications - Resolves email branding when trying to access a restricted event. Login link email will now display event branding.

2020.4/5 (September 2020)  [Web and Mobile App Update]

This update focuses on improvements to better facilitate virtual events and improvements to the login experience.

  • App Updates 
    • New login experience - Sends email to user to allow for more direct access without need to remember passwords.
  • Backoffice Updates
  • Responsive Web Sites
    • New login experience
    • Visual enhancements - new look with additional features
    • Exhibitor listing video display
  • Conversations (please contact sales for more info)
    • Added ability to search posts

2020.3 Virtual Event Enhancements (May 2020) [Web and Mobile App Update]

       This release focuses on improvements to better facilitate virtual events.  

    App Updates include:
    • Events can be designated as "Virtual"
    • Option to view scheduled sessions based on local time zone
    • Added user preference to select 24-hour time or standard time display format
    • Improvements to RSS feed display

2020.2 Custom Content (March 2020 - Backoffice and Mobile Apps)

    This release focuses on enhancements to custom content types along with a few smaller enhancements. 

    Notable features include:
    • Custom Content Types
      • A new path to creating custom content with 2 distinct options available
        • Custom Content - the familiar path to creating custom content
        • URL List - NEW - adds the ability to create a list of URLs.  Send app users directly to desired web resource(s).
      • Adds the ability to disable grouping 
      • Adds the ability to use tagging for Year-Round content
    • Resource file size increase - expanded the size limit from 6 MB to 50 MB
    • Improved support for iOS 13

2020.2 Event Managers (March 2020 - Backoffice Only)

    This release, though small, and only affecting the Backoffice, packs a powerful new feature and a couple of smaller, tasty enhancements.

    Notable features include: 
    • Newly Designed App Store Images
      • A fresh new look in the app stores for Eventsential and Engagefully
    • Themed Headers    
      • Accessed in the Styling menu when editing or creating an event
      • Ability to select from a variety of themes
        • Classic
        • Ribbon
        • Scalloped
        • Geometric 
        • Signature Images 
          • 8 signature images are now available to enhance or personalize the Ribbon and Scalloped themes
      • Administrators Tab - admins now have the ability to add additional administrators to the Backoffice
        • Event Managers -  admins now the ability to add "Event Managers." These individuals can log into the Backoffice, but only have permissions to fully manage designated events.
      • Twitter Hashtag - has been expanded to now allow for hashtags as long as 50 characters
      • Schedule enhancement - we have added an "End Time" field to allow the ability to enter in an end time or select the number of minutes for the session

2019.4 and 2020.1 Release Notes (December 2019 and January 2020)

    We had two releases hit the stores in rapid succession as 2019.4 set the foundation for efforts in 2020.1. 
    Screens throughout the app were redesigned in 2019.4, with a focus on the event level screens for a more visually appealing experience.  2020.1 focused on efforts to enhance 360 menu features to include the ability to assign roles for accessing various menu items. Sprinkled through out each update are App Backoffice improvements as well as new menus to support various new features.  

    Notable features include: 
    • Newly Designed App Store Images
      • A fresh new look in the app stores for Eventsential and Engagefully
    • Themed Headers    
      • Accessed in the Styling menu when editing or creating an event
      • Ability to select from a variety of themes
        • Classic
        • Ribbon
        • Scalloped
        • Geometric 
        • Signature Images 
          • 8 signature images are now available to enhance or personalize the Ribbon and Scalloped themes
    • New icons throughout the app 
      • An open, modern, light version of the icons 
    • A new look to the following screens
      • Main menu – themed header and icons
      • Schedule – themed header
      • Dashboard – new tile layout and presentation 
      • Notifications – themed header and tiles
      • Directory – tiles were visually enhanced
      • Speakers – tiles were visually enhanced
      • Timeline – tiles were visually enhanced
      • Custom Content - tiles were visually enhanced
    • Enhanced filters - additional functions to allow users to focus on what they are looking for
      • Schedule
      • Custom Content 
    • Event Refresh Menu Item
      • Refresh event data from the main event menu – No longer need to open Event Details to refresh event data
    • Push Notifications 
      • Opening push notifications now opens directly to the intended message
    • 360 Year-Round Content - Organizational Roles
      • Define roles for accessing 360 menus and content
      • Populated by email addresses – Add / Delete users
    • 360 Year-Round Content - Pass-Though Authentication
      • Infrastructure built for integration efforts with AMS / CMS solutions
      • Enables user to access member only content through the app with-out the need for additional logins
    • App Backoffice Enhancements
    • Event menu now displays event status – Published / Unpublished
    • Event menu View All display has additional filters to aid in managing larger numbers of events – Upcoming Published / Upcoming Unpublished
    • web address
    • Updated colors to match RD rebranding
    • Email addresses now reflect
    • Improved Help Beacon
      • Clients can now reach out to Support directly through Help Beacon
      • Create and monitor issues 
    • Support Web Address
    • Bugs
      • Bug were squashed for a better app experience

2019.2 Release Notes (June 2019)

    In addition to several of bug fixes this release includes the following:

    • New App Icons
      • Includes a new look for Eventsential and Engagefully including new app icons on your mobile devices.  
    • Support for multiple Backoffice Admin Logins 
      • If you have multiple admins working on your app content, they can now each have their own set of login credentials.  Contact our support team to request additional logins. 
    • Reporting Enhancements. 
      • Event analytics now includes engagement metrics allowing you to see how many attendees accessed resources connected sessions, exhibitors, speakers, and custom content items. 
      • Engagefully customers can also view reports for resource usage on year-round custom content items.
    • In App Tips
      • A new in-app support menu item provides your members and attendees with useful tips and improved options to reach out for help.   
    • Improved Guidance for Validating App Users
      • Better guidance for app users to ensure they have access to the resources they need. 

2019.1 Release Notes(February 2019)
    Includes new tools designed to create custom content to year-round resources, targeted event notifications, high-resolution ads, and more item associations.
    • Follow Up With Your Registrants
      • We've expanded our invitation email functionality to enable follow up with additional, targeted email communication to keep your registrants informed, and drive app usage. Learn More
    • Custom Content Available to Year-Round Resources
      • We've brought the custom content (the same features we added to events last year) to year-round engagement related content and resources.  If you have content you'd like to bring to the app through a structured list format, this is just the tool you've been waiting for! Learn More
    • Targeted Event Notifications
      • When you create notifications in your events, you may now select one or more roles: only users with those roles will receive push notification, or see the content in the app. Learn MoreHelpful Tips
    • High-Resolution Ads
      • You can now provide high-resolution images for the banner advertisements in your events, so that your content looks great on modern high-DPI devices.
    • More Item Associations Allowed
      • You can now link your exhibitors to speakers and sessions within your events.  This helps to raise the visibility to your exhibitors and sponsors, and to help your users find the content and resources they're looking for. 

2018.4 Release Notes(October 2018)

    Includes iOS 12improved Timeline photo viewing, online access to notes, enhanced Engagefully reporting and numerous performance enhancements.
    • Improved Timeline Photo Viewing
      • Photos posted to the Interactive Timeline can now be zoomed, panned, saved, and shared.
    • Online Access to Notes
      • Attendees can now access notes they’ve entered on any device via their online profile located on the responsive website.
    • Enhanced Reports (Engagefully)
      • Admins can now view reports outlining the number of known and unknown users who've accessed their content, and advertising analytics.
    • General Updates
      • 2018.4 includes updates for iOS 12 as well as numerous performance enhancements.
  • Backoffice Enhancements (September 2018) 
    Includes a new participants tool, welcome email invitation functionality, reorganized roles and content access, more year-round icon artwork and the ability to download event timeline content and data. 

2018.3 Release Notes(August 2018)

    Includes option to restrict visibility of users’ profile information, ability to replace standard event app terminology, tappable phone numbers and URLs appearing custom fields and improved CSV upload process to make uploading data easier.

2018.2 Release Notes (May 2018)

    Includes new tools designed to create custom content, option to include unlimited sub-sessions, enhanced image upload process, addition of image library, simplified the approved email address option and the ability to re-use app icons. 

Please let us know how we can help you leverage the latest features! We appreciate you being a customer. 

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