QR Code and Virtual Session Check-In

In-person and virtual attendees can now “check-in” to a session right from their mobile device or browser. Enhanced reporting features will allow you to see who attended the sessions.

This is one of the suite of QR code based in-person ‘contactless’ features introduced in the 2021.10 release.
This article will go over:

  1. Enabling/Disabling the feature in the Backoffice
  2. Using the feature on the mobile device and public site
  3. Backoffice reporting

Enabling the Session Check-In Feature in the Backoffice

This feature will be disabled for existing events, but new events will have both the virtual and QR code check-in options activated.

Once an event is created, click on Edit Event:

Select Schedule > scroll down to Session Check-ins > Choose one of the following three options: 

  • Disable session check-ins: Disables all check-in features (Session check-ins will not be recorded in the reports).
  • Enable session check-ins with QR code scan: Intended for in-person session check-ins by scanning a QR code print-out. 
  • Allows participants to scan a QR code or tap a button: Recommended for hybrid-events that have both in-person and virtual attendees. 

Click the Save button at the top right-hand corner to preserve changes.  

How to Check-in to a Session as an Attendee

  • If Enable session check-ins with QR code scan was selected from the previous section: 
    • Users can check-in to a session only by scanning the session QR code (Please see: Printing QR Codes for Sessions)
    • Users can either: 
      • Check-in to a session scanning the available QR code by tapping on the scanner icon on the bottom right-corner of the main menu of their app OR:          
      • Tapping on the "Check In" button that will appear 15 minutes before/after the span of the session, which will also take the attendee to the in-app QR scanner: 
  • If Allows participants to scan a QR code or tap a button was selected in the previous section: 
    • Both virtual and in-person attendees can check-in through the "Check In" button on the session details page. The button allows check ins starting 15 minutes before the session’s start, and up to 15 minutes after.
      • For virtual attendees joining through the public event site, the "Check In" button will appear at the top right-corner of the session details page: 
    • In-person attendees also have the option to use their scanners to scan the session QR code to check-in. 
  • Attendees can view the records of the sessions for which they have checked in through the Registrant Bag. The check-in information is also recorded in the Backoffice report for event admins.   

Backoffice Session Check-in Reports

To view the record of attendee session check ins, from the event Backoffice, select Reports:

Scroll down to Session Check-Ins and click "Download report": 

A report is downloaded containing the following information:

  • Session ID
  • Session Name
  • Attendee Name
  • Attendee Email Address
  • Date and Time of Check-in and
  • Method: 
    • Check-in: user checked in using the event details page button
    • Barcode Scan: user checked in using the mobile app QR code scanner

*If you have a dedicated app and are interested in utilizing this feature for an upcoming event, please contact us about updating your dedicated app. 

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