Exhibitor Lead Scanning and Check-In

Exhibitors can accumulate sales leads for an event by scanning attendee QR codes through the apps. Attendees can also 'check-in' with exhibitors by scanning exhibitor QR codes. A report of the exhibitor leads is available in the Backoffice for event admins to share with the exhibitors. 

This is one of the suite of QR code based ‘contactless’ features introduced in the 2021.10 release. The article will cover:

  • Enabling/Disabling the feature in the Backoffice
  • Associated Registrants
  • Using the feature on your mobile device
  • Backoffice reporting

Enabling the Exhibitor Lead Scanning Feature in the Backoffice

This feature will be disabled by default for both new and existing events. 

Once an event is created, click on Edit Event:

Go to:  Exhibitors > Exhibitor Lead Generation > Under Exhibitor Lead Generation there are three options: 

  • “Disable lead generation entirely for this event”: No leads will be generated in the Backoffice report for exhibitors.
  • “Allow lead generation only for specific exhibitors”: Picking this option will allow the event admin to choose which exhibitors can utilize the Lead Generation feature in the exhibitor details setting (Go to the main Backoffice event screen, select Exhibitors > All Exhibitors > select an exhibitor > Edit > scroll down to Exhibitor Lead Generation): 
  • “Allow lead generation for all exhibitors by default” (Recommended): The Lead Generation will default to ON for all exhibitors.  

Enabling lead generation will reveal the " Included lead fields" (Previously hidden, if feature was disabled):

Select which fields should be included in the lead report. 

Click the Save button at the top right-hand corner to preserve changes.  

Associated Registrants

Exhibitor representatives, or exhibitor Associated Registrants, can collect leads by scanning an attendee's QR code with the app and make edits to the exhibitor details page through the public site (2021.11 Update). 

Associated Registrants can be assigned to an exhibitor through the Backoffice or through a CSV upload 

  • Assigning an Associated Registrant through the Backoffice
    • Select an Exhibitor in the Backoffice, and under "Associated Registrants", click "[add]". Select a registrant from the window that pops-up. Multiple registrants can be assigned as an exhibitor representative for an exhibitor, but a registrant can only be assigned to one exhibitor.  
    • The Exhibitor to which a registrant should be associated can also be defined in the registrant detail page. 
  • Assigning an Associated Registrant through a CSV upload:
    • Download the current registrant roster from Utilities, and enter the Exhibitor ID (found at the end of the Backoffice/Public site URL for that exhibitor: e.g. if the URL is "backoffice.rdmobile.com/Exhibitors/Details/1043025", the Exhibitor ID would be "1043025") in the "Exhibitor Id" column for the appropriate registrant, and re-upload the saved file. 

Utilizing Exhibitor Scanning Features on the App

Leads may be collected by either: 

  • A user representing that exhibitor scanning an attendee’s QR code with the app: 
    • Exhibitor representatives will only be able to scan attendees as leads, and cannot initiate a business card exchange with another user.
    • Both the exhibitor and the attendee will open the scanner tool, and the exhibitor will scan the attendee's QR Code. 
      • To open the in-app QR code scanner, tap on the icon on the bottom right corner of the main menu:

Tapping on the icon will open the scanner tool containing the QR code, and tapping on the QR code will enlarge it: 

  • An attendee checking in with the exhibitor by scanning a QR code with the app: Please see Printing QR Codes for Exhibitors
    • With the 2021.12 update, attendees can now scan QR codes that are further away by utilizing the 'pinch-to-zoom' feature, e.g.: QR codes that appear on a presentation slide. 

Attendees can see which exhibitors they have checked in with by looking at their Registrant Bag.

Accessing Exhibitor Leads in the Backoffice Report

To view the Exhibitor Leads List,  go to  Reports from the Backoffice event page:

If there are any leads generated for an event, a section entitled: Exhibitor QR Leads List will appear with a list of exhibitors and the number of leads generated for the exhibitor. Click on the "Download report" text under the list and a spreadsheet will be downloaded containing information listed on the "Included lead fields" such as:

  • The date and time of the lead generation
  • Exhibitor ID
  • Name of Exhibitor
  • Method of lead generation 
    • "Representative Barcode Scan" or "Attendee Barcode Scan"
  • Exhibitor representative who created the lead
  • Representative/Attendee notes/comments
  • Name, email address, job title, organization, phone number, website, and photo URL

 The information contained in the generated leads spreadsheet will be coming from the Registrant profile that is populated by the event admins or an integration, and not the user profiles that the attendees control, so it is beneficial to have a detailed registrant roster (If the scanned lead is not a registrant, only the default information: Date and time, Exhibitor ID, Exhibitor Name, Method, Representative Name, Notes, Attendee Name, and Attendee Email will be listed in the downloaded report).  

*If you have a dedicated app and are interested in utilizing this feature for an upcoming event, please contact us about updating your dedicated app. 

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